Friday, 1 April 2011

The ageing population

I have posted the following video, from an unlikely source, previously - but am minded to reproduce it as I have been attempting to arrange a promised meeting with Grant Shapps about which I posted a month ago.

As I reminded my Member of Parliament, when I spoke to him at one of his surgeries, policies are being implemented by those who, because of their age, have no idea of what it is to be elderly; have no idea how elderly people feel and think; have no idea how those, who are now unable to "look after themselves", deplore and detest their situation; policies implemented by those who will not like the "world" that they are creating when they, in turn, reach that stage in life.

Having been informed that the country is broke, we appear to have sufficient funds to lob missiles at Libya; to allow immigrants "rights" - to the detriment of the indigenous population; and to allow Members of Parliament to ensure that their lifestyles are maintained; yet we do not have sufficient funds to care for those approaching the end of their lives.
"I know what it is to be young, but you don't know what it is to be old. Some day you'll be saying the same thing...."
Bearing in mind the above, I find this video, the words of which, very apt.


TomTom said...

I remember when Prime Ministers were in their 60s and Ministers in their 50s but when I got older I noted Prime Ministers in their 40s and Ministers in their 30s and wondered where my generation had gone.

Somewhere I read that the Recessions of the 1980s had done for them, and just as it was hard to get PhD grants etc when I left University it seemingly became easier to write theses on any rubbish and get it published subsequently.

Helmut Kohl used to speak of "the blessings of being born later" meaning postwar, but I know what he means. There is a cycle of life chances denied one generation wasted on another who then abuse the privilege.

I fear we should analyse our state a little closer

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: Nice comment and understand from whence you coming.