Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Well? What say you, people?

A couple of days ago, in a fit of depression about the state of my country I very, very nearly gave up blogging. Thanks to Tim Aker, I changed my mind in about ten minutes!

In that post I wrote:
"As it is, all I have left to offer now is words; and, unfortunately, it would seem that no-one wishes to read those words, other than the 'converted'."
Thinking back to "V for Vengeance", a film which undeniably has "holes' galore in the plot, I am reminded of that speech:

"....Words will always retain their power.....There is something terribly wrong with this country....."

But will words always retain their power? Is there any reason why we should not do this to Parliament, a building which those who have worked therein have done their best to debase?

I hope not, as I hope that, realising there is something terribly wrong with our country, the people will 'rise-up' and 're-take' Parliament, because if not we are indeed doomed to servitude.


pop said...

There are many people who are basically satisfied with their lot. They don't beleive they could do that much better, so are content.

They don't realise how hard they are required to work for so little return. A huge proportion of created wealth is appropriated by the state and completely wasted.

Unless people can be shown how wealthy they *deserve to be* from the labour they already apply I don't think any popular movement will get anywhere.

Billions and billions of government spending, every penny taken from our pockets, from the wealth we have created with our labour.

Bill Sticker said...

Er, it's 'V for Vendetta', not 'V for Vengeance'.

Tarka theRotter said...

very glad you are staying with us WfW...

Anonymous said...

Yes, words do count.

Even before I started to despise the EU I was reading Booker in the Sunday Telegraph.

It was the Internet with blogs such as Richard North’s EU Referendum that really opened up the whole can of worms.

Some of the stuff may be rubbish, some may be propaganda, but it’s all information; we can sift through, check, and decide for ourselves.

As for who reads it – I think you’d be surprised.

Why is the EU spending millions of pounds of our money setting up blogs for their own orcs to spout how wonderful the EU is?

Like every despotic regime they don’t like dissenting voices.

For my part – I do it because I hope it annoys them. Take heart from that fact, WfW, and it’s better than doing nothing.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

pop: Yes, and Yes2Av ain't going to help none in solving the deficit!

BS: I stand corrected - too much 'Grants'! Apols!

TtR: Thanks and I most definitely am!

BJ: Appreciated!

subrosa said...

WfW, don't you dare pack up without participating in my 'how not to be depressed' for bloggers. Email me immediately you see the signs and I'll have you 'fixed' in no time.

Anonymous said...

I was talking to a guy who runs a windows fitting business last night ,he was angry at all the energy this that and the other red tape he's got now.
Don't worry these EU politico bastards are quite capable of pushing the people over the edge and the number who are becoming enlightened as to what is really going on rises daily.
The see saw is at tipping point.

Tufty said...

Words can change things too. Blogs such as this one are vitally important as the only real alternative to the mainstream media.

Blogs are public discussions and we cannot yet say where they may lead, but I suspect they are much more powerful than we yet know. Keep telling it as it is and beneath the surface things will change and there is nothing the political elite can do about it.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

SR: There are offers and there are offers - and how could I refuse one of yours?

A: Hopefully you are right.

T: Words are powerful - providing they reach a large audience.

john in cheshire said...

I'm pleased you will continue to blog. From small acorns giant oak trees grow. It may be soul-destroying to continually play the same record, but I believe that if people like you don't do so, then the enemy will have won. You and your fellow bloggers, hopefully, have the stamina to persist, when us lesser mortals have given up and succumbed to the evils of modern politics.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jic: thank you for your support which is much appreciated.

Words may be powerful but as I have said they need a wide audience to have any effect.