Thursday, 10 February 2011

Now this really demonstrates 'Democratised Dictatorship'!

James Kirkup has a post which is very, very revealing - following the prisoners vote in the House of Commons earlier this evening.

Parliament is supposed to be the 'source' of law in this land, yet Cameron plainly intends to over rule Parliament, in other words the Executive will over rule the Legislature - and that is 'democracy'?
"Britain will, sooner or later, accept the ECHR ruling and some prisoners will indeed get the vote."
So once again it is shown that, whilst the EU and the ECHR are separate, they are 'entwined' - bearing in mind that the EU is shortly to accede to the ECHR; that membership of the EU carries an acceptance of human rights; that membership of the EU contains acceptance of its Convention on Human Rights; resulting in the ludicrous situation that Westminster does not govern this land; that we have indeed been politically 'conquered'.
"The Lib Dems are clear that they could not live with it and they mean it. So it would be the end of the Coalition."
Not only do we now have a classic example of the 'tail wagging the dog', we also have a classic example of why AV- or any proportional system of electing MPs - cannot ever 'work'. AV will produce yet more 'hung' Parliaments resulting in what we now have - a minority dictating to the majority which is not 'democracy in action'.

This latest 'fiasco' demonstrates that if ever an overhaul of our democracy was needed, it is now! Consider, how can a system of democracy allow one man to dictate the conditions under which we live? Either the people decide or just lets forget the democratic bit and we agree to live under a dictatorship!

To demonstrate the political 'illiteracy' of the British electorate, if recent opinion polls are to be believed, we would happily allow a party that brought this country, economically, to its knees - one that would be content to impose yet more 'state control' over us; that is quite content to see us 'ruled' from Brussels (admittedly no change there then) - re-assume power. Has there been a 'break-out' from the lunatic asylums that has not been publicised?

Ye Gods people - will you please 'wake-up' to what is happening to you?


The Boiling Frog said...

What a surprise WfW, it was always thus.

Have to say Cameron is showing the same political (lack of) acumen as over the EU budget 'freeze'.

This issue resonates, only this afternoon I've had the biggest uptake I've known in volunteers to help out UKIP with leaflets etc during the local elections as a direct result of this saga.

paul said...

Have a look at the Daily Mail comments page. According to lots of contributors there, Cameron has struck a blow for our liberty. They follow the lead of the headline "Day we stood up to Europe" (whatever it was). Totally disengenous. And the poor Conservatroids are so desperate to have their faith in the Tory criminal set repaid that they just lap it all up. THIS day is like that one prior to WW2 when that t*t rolled up at the airport waving a piece of paper.

Re the debate itself. MPs cannot be as stupid as all that. It's got to be noise to keep up appearances and to skirt around dangerous hometruths.

Anonymous said...

You really sould get over it or you will burst a blood vessel.

The Germans and French now call the shots and we will do as we are told, or else.

Our own Prime Minister, of whatever party he may be is there to do the bidding of the Germans and French and he will disregard what parliament might want and ensure the people of this country are never given the chance of changing the status quo.

Get comfortable with it, start eating frogs legs and saurkraut, hang a photo of Merkle on the wall at home and pay homage every morning and instill a discipline in your house that all members do the same.

There are some big advantages: you will never need to vote again, for example and German beer is quite nice, and you won't burst a blood vessel

Woodsy42 said...

"allow a party that brought this country, economically, to its knees ........ - re-assume power".

The problem is (my opinion only WfW) that the 'floating voters' rarely vote for a party. In fact many hate all of the main parties, thus many votes are not really for anyone, simply against the ruling one. Voting for a smaller party, like UKIP, is seen as a wasted vote, might as well stay at home, and increasingly they do!
Polls that ask, who will you vote for do not necessarily show support, simply intent.
Whether this attitude can be changed and a peaceful democratic solution found is debatable.
As regards the prisoner vote, it's obvious where it's going - Dave will wriggle through the gaps, 'take note' of the vote, but follow the EU rules by granting it to some less extreme prisoners.

The Gray Monk said...

Sadly, the UK ceased to be a democracy, if it ever was, some time ago. It is now ruled by various vested interests and pressure groups who maintain the facade of democracy only to keep up appearances.

How democratic is it for a football club owner who is a Vegan to ban his players from eating red meat and then to ban it from sale in the stadium? How 'democratic' is the Wiltshire Council who, after spending thousands investigating a ridiculous claim of "racism" against the Chairman of a Patients Support group, bans the group from all council property and withdraws their financial grant - no doubt increasing the amount already given to the anti-racism campaigner who seems to spend all her time going to meetings to look for 'Racial Slurs' and 'racism?' How 'racist' is the expression "Jungle Drums" in the context of rumour and gossip? Yet that is what has sparked the latest Politically Correct banning.

Frankly, if you want to reclaim 'democracy' start out by hanging every 'special interest' campaigner and pressure group, then tackle the Civil Service. London Bridge needs a 'new' old look.

pixie said...

The debate yesterday was mere posturing, if anyone thinks Cameron will go against the EU or ECHR, they are dreaming.
It is an 'elective dictatorship' already, and much of the electorate,are blind to the fact or choose to ignore.
As for the libdems determining policy, this is not quite true as Cameron is quite happy to implement their policies, and would in fact be quite at home in their party.
The coalition won't end over this, the debate was clearly just a 'bone thrown in the rights direction' as we've seen before with the EU budget, camerons grandstanding then retreat back into europes line. will be repeated again.
It will take more than a few backbenchers stomping their feet to see change.

Stuart said...

Some of us have already awoken, but there are still millions of people voting for national suicide, aka the LibLabCon.

English Pensioner said...

I've constantly made the point that I am unaware of any genuine parliament which has AV for elections and which does not have a coalition government.
If the LibDems aren't keen on a coalition, why on earth are they so they so hell-bent on AV?
As was said in Australia about the Greens, they're pulling above their weight and their (non) actions are to blame for all the flood damage.
Its the same with the LibDems here, they are pulling well above their weight.

Anonymous said...

Cameron will go along with anything the EU says, he is the true EU believer. That said, so are the lib-dem party to a man. There was today a startling article in the Daily Failygraph, where Osborne stated that Cameron has always been a EUrosceptic. That is utter nonsense!


WitteringsfromWitney said...

TBF: Yup, it sure does resonate.

paul: Agreed - Cameron is all smoke and mirrors!

Anon1: Very funny!

W42: Of course Cameron will bring in the ruling - he has no option but to so do. But we will still be informed he governs this country!

TGM: All for your last para - as you know!

pixie: Pleased to see you here!Agree with all you say.

S: Perhaps we need to hang a few of them 'pour encourager les autres'!

EP: Agree on AV and the LDs.

D: Cameron is no more a Eurosceptic than Stalin would have been!