Sunday, 27 February 2011

See what happens when our backs are turned?

Presumably as Mercer is his constituency MP, this is reposted from 13th Spitfire:

"Mr. Mercer,

As an elected representative of the British people, it is your duty to explain to us why our govt. has agreed to replace the British military with an EU Military, without our approval, consultation, or consent.

In particular, I ask the following:

Why did our govt. sign this EU-SOFA agreement (UK sig. on page 10), which merges the militaries of European nations into an EU Military?

Link: EU-SOFA agreement, signed by UK

Why did our govt. agree to ATHENA, an EU mechanism to administer the 'common costs' of military operations on behalf of 'Europe' ?


Why did our govt agree to ERASMUS MILITARE, an EU mechanism to create a common defence culture via exchange of young military officers within training colleges around the EU ?

And why did our govt agree to the EUROPEAN SECURITY and DEFENCE COLLEGE to train military personnel from EU member states for a mission defined as 'To support a Common Security and Defence Policy and to promote a common European security culture.' ?

MP Mercer, this is not only a betrayal, it's a pre-meditated, wilful a betrayal by stealth.

I suspect that there will soon come a day where the British people remind those they perceive as traitors that betrayals of this magnitude have a way of consuming, in very unsavoury ways, those who perpetrate them.


john in cheshire said...

My God, has it happened already? Do we no longer have a national defence; it the EU already in charge of our armed forces? I am truly terrified by this.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jic: It was always 'their' aim for EU forces! Go read the treaties!

john in cheshire said...

WfW, I agree that it has always been the intent for the EU to control our armed forces, I just hadn't realised that they had achieved that objective. In my deluded mind, I had thought we still had an opportunity to prevent it from happening. More fool me. The next stage will be the sight of troops from other European nations on our streets in a show of force.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

"The next stage will be the sight of troops from other European nations on our streets in a show of force."

Probably will happen, if I have my way!

Pity you not on Twitter - you might like to follow VColumn when it starts in a day or so!

derek.buxton1 said...

And our Queen was where when all this happened? In my day the forces took an oath to serve the Monarch not some tyrant in what passes as a parliament and certainly not a foreign power.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

db1: Good question.................

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"The next stage will be the sight of troops from other European nations on our streets in a show of force."

No it won't.

The EU are past masters at leaving the existing symbols and institutions in place and apparently functioning, while hollowing them out from behind and usurping all their powers. This is how they have got so far.

Why do you think we still have the Westminster parliament, general elections, our "own" diplomatic service, ministers "running" this that and the next thing?

All window-dressing, all of it meaningless. None of them runs anything. But they have to stay there, to keep up the pretence.

Nothing will be done obviously and openly - it never is.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

WY: Completely agree on your point re charade/facade but my assertion you deny could and may well happen at some time in the future - let us wait and see!