Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A few 'snippets' to cheer you up - not!

We learn from the Daily Mail that the Lib/Lab/Con have "done a deal" in order to get agreement for a measure that was not in the manifesto of the Conservative Party or that of the Liberal Democrat Party, but which has been 'watered-down' on demands of the Labour Party.

The Purple Scorpion reports how a climate sceptic was "stitched up" by the BBC and made to look a fool - a post that links a similar example of unfair BBC reporting highlighted by EU Referendum in respect of James Delingpole.

Still with EU Referendum, Richard North reports on the fact that Mervyn King as received a £1.4million top-up to his pension scheme and asks why we should not rise up and slaughter them all.

EurActiv reports that as Member States have failed to meet the targets set for 2010; to achieve the EU's energy goals, Gunther Oettinger has called for a doubling of capital investments in renewable energies from €35 billion to €70 billion.

From Big Brother Watch we learn that George Orwell's 1984 is anything but fantasy as we now have the first case of someone being arrested using a remote controlled hovering CCTV device know as the Hicam Microdrone.

William Hague 'tweets': "The Egyptian Government must listen to the aspirations of the people & respond to their call for real, visible & lasting change."

Are we, the people of this land, so deserving that:

1 We have a government that will 'fix' things for the benefit of the political elite, without asking the people;
2.That we have a state broadcaster so willing to do the government's bidding, thus helping said government to 'kill' debate;
3.That we have a government so keen to ensure that a bureaucrat is not left to suffer hardship when he retires;
4. That our political elite are so keen to ensure the people of this nation pay even more to benefit a 'supposed' science whose facts have yet to be proven;
5. That our wonderful police now have yet another techie piece of kit with which to fight 'terrorism';
and, finally;
6 That we have a 'supposed' Foreign Secretary who has the temerity to suggest to another country a course of action that he is not prepared to implement in his own country.

Is it any wonder that the people of this land are totally fed up with rotten politicians who inhabit a rotten parliament based in a rotten country? Hopefully it will not be too long before Richard North gets his wish and we really do rise up and slaughter them all!


Caratacus said...

Had to give myself a damn good talking-to this p.m.

"Now come along Caratacus, you are not, by nature, a violent man. So why do you wish to grasp the back of Hague's neck and bang his nose upon the desk in front of him whilst repeating his tweet in a sort of rhythmic accompinament?"

I answered myself, growling the while, "Because nothing else ever seems to get through to the bastards, that's why".

Applaud your entirely worthy request ref. the placing of the noose WfW. Bags I first go with the baseball bat, the better to find out where all our money's gone!

Tufty said...

Excellent stuff, but I have to be a little pedantic about number 4 on your list.
It's the theory that has yet to be proven, not the facts. The facts, such as record snowfalls and colder winters, they just get in the way.

WitteringsfromWitney said...


T: I stand corrected!