Monday, 28 February 2011

Well, Daniel?

"There is something faintly surreal about holding a referendum which no one asked for on a voting system which neither of the two Coalition parties supported, while refusing to hold one which the country does demand, and which both Coalition parties were recently pledging. What is the point of consulting people on how to elect their MPs, but not on whether those MPs should run the country?"
From Helen, Your Freedom and Ours:
"Of course, this statement will lead to a mass exodus of so-called eurosceptics from the Conservative Party, particularly those who told us last year that a vote for their party was a vote for a solution of the intractable "European" problem. The exodus will be led by Daniel Hannan MEP etc etc.

Hmm. Is that a piglet I see flying by?
Sorry Daniel, but once again it is time to say: Put up or shut up!


James Higham said...

Precisely. All talk.

A Serf on the Land of the British EU Barons said...

The real focus of analysis should be on why "look-at-me" Hannan writes this stuff when he does. This is what it comes down to with the collaborator Hannan. Unfortunately to find out more, I had to follow the link and look his "hit-me-with-a-bat" visage.

This is of interest: "[Cameron] evidently believes that a plebiscite would result in a ‘No’ vote and, unlike most supporters of the EU, he is being creditably honest in admitting that this is why he doesn’t want one."

Hannan is rolling out the news that Cameron is pro-EU in case we didn't know, but it isn't followed by the stomping of little tiny pixie feet across the aisle. So, it is an exercise in acclimatisation.

Then this: "My own sense, too, is that the country would vote for independence, but plenty of clever chaps argue that referendums tend to go the way of the status quo, and that the 'Keep Britain In' campaign could therefore expect to gain support during the campaign, as happened in 1975."

Interesting, eh? Hannan has reason to believe that the "In" vote might win in spite of the very heavy anecdotal opposition to the EU. Well, he undestands how we are manipulated. What we are seeing is gentle acclimatisation, and Hannan is nearly through leading the British by the nose about an EU referendum; beginning to shift in front of the eyes of his sycophants. Verily I say, Hannan will be the very first in the dock come the day we are liberated.

john in cheshire said...

Cameron thinks we might say out; Hannan thinks we might say in. Well, let's have a Referendum and find out who's right. Or in the words of Harry Hill - Fight!

Woodsy42 said...

" gain support during the campaign, as happened in 1975."

Possibly, but the question is different. The '75 poll was based on a common market, free trade, co-operation, travel etc. All things that people in an expanding holiday and consumer market thought useful. And to be fair those aspects were, had they been honestly implemented.
But we almost immediately saw the dishonestly, when free trade did not apply to cigs or booze, and the rules were always manipulated against the population.
A new poll would focus on what has gone wrong and political interference, and it's hard to understand how an honestly run no campaign could fail.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

JH: Agreed

Serf: Agreed also

W42: Good point and it is important that this time limits on expenditure be set for both camps with strict guidelines for conduct of both sides.

Serf said...

@woodsy42 - "it's hard to understand how an honestly run no campaign could fail".

Well, I am with you on that, and it's why I've always said that we would never ever have a referendum while the LibLabCon are in power. It was Hannan's job to make us think that it was on the cards, and he was so good that I made my local UKIP people choke on their teacakes when I suggested to them that he was a stooge.

As the reality that there isn't going to a referendum is sinking in, Hannan needs to shift his stance to keep playing the pied piper, and I think we are seeing it.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Serf: Initially, as with Carswell, I was a disciple but the more you 'read' into what he writes the more his true message is visible!