Saturday, 19 February 2011

And hidden behind the news is........?

"Don't think there are no crocodiles because the water is calm."
Malayan proverb

Tim Montgomerie's article in tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph is entitled "Can Eric Pickles force councils to do better?" and contains some interesting points that require further discussion.

Let us consider the first two of Montgomerie's questions: "Will the Coalition get a bloody nose in the local elections" and "Who's being blamed now". Being a supporter - and member - of UKIP, it beggars belief that the party do not appear to have made the best of the open goal that has been presented to them. Even locally the present incumbents that comprise the Committee of Witney branch have done 'sweet nothing' since last May. If they had not been reminded that, under UKIP rules, they had to have an AGM it is highly debatable whether they would have considered asking - as they now have - for those willing to stand as candidates to come forward for the forthcoming election this May. If ever an opportunity existed for 'inroads' to be made in the Conservative stronghold that is West Oxfordshire, the present situation is it - and it does not take anyone with a brain, especially one that is capable of 'thought-processes' to have foreseen the opportunity that will be presented this coming May, last May; and whereby, in the interim period, they could have presented their policies, especially in respect of local government and 'built-up' an electoral advantage, but I digress........

The section of Montgomerie's article, entitled "Is there anything else up Pickle's sleeve" raises another interesting and far more important question, namely that "Pickles is looking at plans to introduce two tiers of council: “vanilla councils”, that will carry on as now, and “super-councils” with more freedom to raise and spend their own money." which brings to mind this post from over a year ago - which do please read as it delves into the EU's NUTS* programme of regionalisation. (Digressing yet again, it was a post that generated so much interest that the only comment was posted in Japanese! - so much for my extensive readership!) I have yet to see any announcement by the Coalition - and Pickles especially - that Multi Area Agreements are to be abolished, so exactly what are these "Super Councils" to which Montgomerie refers? Is this Pickles - and the Coalition - trying to 'sneak' the EU's agenda for regionalisation through and under our noses? Obviously it would make the job of getting HS2 implemented far easier! Is there a 'hidden agenda' in Pickles' wish to have councils 'co-operate' in order to 'cut costs'? Just what is the agenda here, Eric/iDave?

Don't you just love this 'transparency' in government?

* It is generally thought that there are only three 'levels' to NUTS - well think again!


Sue said...

It's annoying me too. I wish I were in the UK, I think I would be pretty active helping UKIP by now.

We need to tell Nigel Farage to get them motivated and off their arses!

Adam R. said...

The poster in that discussion was writing in Chinese. The Chinese are known for writing up spam, relating mostly to free World of Warcraft Gold and mail order brides.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Sue: Unfortunately I feel it is a case of heads and brickwalls. Also feel NF a tad guilty in not making use of this opportunity?

AdamR: Thanks, Japanese, Chinese - its all Double Dutch to me!

TomTom said...

UKIP is a one-man band suffering the English Disease which is, the passive joiner who is simply not an activist.

The symptoms are widespread - a sort of pensioner mentality (age unrelated) that pops in to a meeting to be entertained, but suffers huge bouts of inertia.

The contrast with US activism is immense, but the problem with UKIP etc is the coffee-morning mentality of things are terrible, but a refusal to engage in the very gritty work required to build networks.

ALL British political parties are the same with Labour needing Union money and infrastructure and Tories using posters and City money for Advertising.

The grass-roots movements like Student Protests etc network and engage enthusiasts who believe but have no money and no power

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: agree with your comments to a certain extent. NF needs 'Guidance' and I cannot believe that with the open goal that they knew from May last year would be presented, UKIP have failed to capitalise!