Sunday, 6 February 2011

Multiculturalism (2)

"In typical and cynical attempts to gather evidence for their multikultural [sic] credentials, our ambitious future leaders have forced ever more ludicrous initiatives upon us, wasting our time and damaging our impartiality. Some of this nonsense is simply laughable, like banning us from saying “as sure as eggs is eggs” because it offends infertile women. But some of it has been far more sinister. Like the fact that a white indigenous crime victim can expect a standard investigation into their incident while a minority victim (whatever definition might be used) can expect a premium service, audited and managed at almost serious crime levels for even the most basic crime.Or the ‘mission creep’ which has led to the definition of a racist incident being the very fact that if anyone (it doesn’t even have to be the victim) perceives it as such then it is so, regardless of any evidence to the contrary."
In respect of Gadget's last sentence one only has to refer to this article in the Telegraph to see that endless amounts of time, energy and money are wasted dealing with a the use of a phrase that is a 'figure of speech' - and one accepted as such. From the Telegraph article we learn:
"Sonia Carr, a member of the Wiltshire Racial Equality Council who was sitting in the public gallery observing the meeting, intervened to say that a racist term had been used."
Why was Ms. Carr who is of, shall we say, a dark complexion (picture in the print edition), sitting in a meeting 'observing'? Was she there just 'looking for trouble'? As Gadget points out in his post, why is it that Police Chiefs feel able to ignore our Government (for all its faults) who have called for target requirements to be scrapped?

It will not be long before some 'race/equality/diversity' bureaucrat decides that it is offensive to ask for a black coffee and we shall all be ordered to ask for coffee with no milk. Just where will all this nonsense end?

There are some in the blogosphere who say the time for action by the people has yet to arrive - well sorry, I disagree!


Sue said...

Cranmer has done a good post today on the EDL.

James Higham said...

Timely, piece, WW. The PC madness knows no limits.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Sue: Yup, seen it

JH: Thanks. Which is why this has to be stopped and stopped now!

Anthony said...

There is a simple way of dealing with this. My car was stolen a week ago, and even though it has Tracker fitted the very nice chap on the Tracker reporting line "indicated" that I should report my ethnicity to the Police as White\Asian and that I thought it was racially motivated.

The car was recovered in 3 hours.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anthony: See blog!