Friday, 25 February 2011

'EU Nationals' - An Oxymoron?

Autonomous Mind picks up on a statement made by an EU spokesman in respect of repatriating those individuals from European countries who are working in Libya:
"The ongoing evacuation of EU citizens in Libya is a member state responsibility, with the EU in a supporting role through its Monitoring and Information Centre (MIC), which was activated yesterday. The EU has no embassy in Tripoli and relies on the member states for information. The European External Action Service said that the number of EU citizens still in Libya was unknown, while the Commission put the number at 5,000-6,000. According to the Commission, around 5,000 EU nationals have already left Libya."
Err, as the European Union is not a nation, how can those that are forced to live in it be 'nationals'?

Within the article from European Voice, to which AM links, is this little gem:
"The official said that the European Commission's humanitarian aid department had been in consultation with member states to see what civilian and military assets might be available should any armed humanitarian operation be needed."
Not much point in asking the UK then seeing as we don't have a Navy or Air Force from which to contribute machines and men! Even more to the point is the fact that the spokesman had no idea what aims such an armed humanitarian operation would have, nor what its mandate would be.

Like AM, I too am getting totally 'piste-off' with the gradual 'EUisation' that is being practised by Brussels and can only echo AM's suggestion about what they can do with their flag, stars and anthem!


microdave said...

It's just as well this kicked off when it did. The RN frigate that rescued some Britons was, apparently, on its way back to Blighty to be scrapped!!

WitteringsfromWitney said...

md: Yup, I noted that too!

Paul said...

Many apologies if this is duplicated, the comment doesn't seem to stick:
Why are they talking about EU nationals when the EU is not a country? This is what we should then be asking after we have noticed this going on.

Here is the answer: because our elite is forging a construct outside of law - what some companies do to make you pay them monies you dont owe.

The hope is that because they say we live in the EU, then we will believe that we live in the EU. And one day, when we actually wake up and find that we DO live in an EU superstate, then we won't notice any difference. We won't notice that there is anything to fight for.

So, we all know there is EU-isation. But everyone feels that it is just the good old Tories and Labour doing what they can to mitigate our national decay. What we need to do is to be out there explaining WHY there is EU-siation; again: To circumvent due process; to rip people off; to make a disator where there never needs to be one.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

paul: Can''t fault what you say, unfortunately!