Monday, 7 February 2011

Inequalities in our democracy

An Englishman's Castle is to be commended for a great 'spot' in this post!

Under this Human Rights thingy, is not offence caused by whoever says it, wherever it is said and in whatever context?

Why should those we employ be able to use an immunity that we cannot?

Conversely why should an MP, Michael Gove be penalised for using the phrase "rank hypocrisy" that we can use with impunity?* (sorry no link available yet, but Gove 'censured' by Bercow this afternoon) After all, most MPs can be accused of that - and of which they are most certainly guilty!

Just asking, you understand?

* Was it not 'rank hypocrisy' to be photographed in a white bedsheet with the subsequent implication that what it contained was unsullied goods?

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Tufty said...

I think we should leave the Human Rights thingy and pass our own legislation... or perhaps not.

Sudden thought about who would be devising this legislation... frying pans and fires suddenly springing to mind.