Monday, 28 February 2011

Who does actually govern?

Ok, nothing to do with the European Union because we all know the answer there! The Purple Scorpion has a post (one well worth reading) pointing out the deficiencies with our system of government, such as it is, presently.

It is obvious from DPMs going on holiday and forgetting they are 'in charge'; Foreign Secretaries and other ministers more concerned with how internal briefs are written (do follow the link, it is hilarious) than dealing with matters of state; and a Transport Minister concerned with speed limits and traffic lights; that our system of government is broken and in need of a radical overhaul. It is also evident that civil servants would appear to be 'driving' policy with what might be termed a 'Common Purpose' as it also seems that whilst politicians 'pull the levers', nothing happens.

There is so much done by central government that could and should be done by local government, but this would make the subjugation of the people even harder for those who practise democratised dictatorship - which makes all this 'devolution of power' rubbish, that our politicians propose, such a sham!

TPS, at the end of his post, writes:
"Otherwise it's just another headline."
And that sums up just what is our present form of government - a 'headline' or 'soundbite', one designed to pacify the electorate into thinking that action will be taken, whilst 'agreement/permission' is sought from Brussels.

With our politician's record of obfuscation, cheating and downright lying; their continued message about transparency and honesty, when there is none; the fact they present themselves to the electorate as 'Honourable', when they are anything but; the reputed phrase Gordon Brown used to Tony Blair comes to mind, namely: there is not one thing they could say to me now that I would believe!

Can the politics in our nation sink any lower?


James Higham said...

It's most certainly not the government in charge. It is the people behind the EU who are the same people behind Common Purpose - the Mulgans, Middletons and Mandelsons, Peter Sutherland, Barroso, Veronique Morali, Mervyn King, and overseas - Maurice Strong et al - these are the people driving things at local level.

IPJ was dead right about this - we are being taken over and it's not unlike the Sci fi B Movie about the Pod People. If you oppose those in the driving seat, you are marginalized as a conspiracy theorist.

Exactly the same process took place in the late 20s/early 30s in Germany.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

JH: Agreed!