Sunday, 6 February 2011

Paraphrasing Mark Twain

"First God created idiots. That was for practise. Then he created politicians."

Is it any wonder that (a) this country is in the mess it is; and (b) that our police are as ineffective as their performance demonstrates when the PC brigade have such a hold as this*:
"One dossier, from Essex Police, even reveals that officers on bicycles are banned from pursuing suspects unless they have been on an "advanced" cycling course. Even then, they must conduct a "dynamic risk assessment" in which they must evaluate whether the decision to chase could breach the suspect's human rights – by endangering their safety – as well as consider nine other factors, including the weather. The same document states that if undercover officers want to ride without a helmet to avoid arousing suspicion, a supervisor must first carry out a risk assessment."
Is it any wonder that people become irate when they realise that out of their taxes certain individuals in the police get paid to write rules such as those quoted - and others mentioned in the Telegraph article?
Magnify this situation to cover every public sector worker carrying out duties for which the people pay from their taxes and - figuratively - taxes could probably be halved! Yet another 'bug-bear' is the fact that politicians allow this state of affairs to continue! (First God created idiots..........)

It is said that a 'sure-fire' way to motivate people is 'through their pockets' - so people, will you now get off your butts and take to the streets?

* Do read the article, please!


Anonymous said...

Just when you thought you had heard it all !. Wonder what's coming next ?

john in cheshire said...

And voila, the deficit isn't being reduced, the debt mountain continues to grow and all those non-jobs continue to be filled and we continue to pay for them. Who's the fool in all this, I wonder? I think it's us, the paymasters.

john in cheshire said...
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WitteringsfromWitney said...

A: And more there will surely be!

jic: first comment removed as it was a duplicate, for some reason. And, yes you are too right!