Monday, 14 February 2011

A Question

We see the people of Egypt, Iran, Tunisia - to mention a few - getting off their butts and demonstrating against a dictatorship ('elected' or otherwise) with which they are 'disenchanted'.

And the people of Britain? 

Perhaps the people of Egypt, Iran and Tunisia don't have the facility of "Sky" and therefore don't appreciate the wonders and nuances of democracy, as illustrated by programmes such as  xFactor, Coronation Street and Eastenders..........

Just wondering...................

Afterthought: Perhaps I'm getting cynical in my old age?


Mike Cunningham said...

Cynical? Not a bit of it, Wittering!

When we list the promises made and then broken or ignored, it is no wonder that many in the wider blogging community are calling for something, anything, which would show how much we detest our 'rulers', and their love-affair with Europe!

andy5759 said...


I worry that these "people's uprisings" are orchestrated somehow to advance the cause of the New World Order. After political breakdown those meddlers will wish to impose some "Third Way" leading to a Utopian future for all. We live in interesting times.