Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A message from a Our Leader - aka The Little Corporal

No, not our Pretend Leader, Cameron, but our 'real' leader, 'Adolf' Herman!

Courtesy of The Albion Alliance Presents comes this message - and remember where you saw it first folks, cause you sure as hell won't see this in the MSM tomorrow.

This humble apology for a little man seems to forget one or two things:

1. The Heads of State - aka the European Council - are not the 'government' of the European Union. That dubious distinction lies with the Commission.

2. It is illogical to suggest that, to further innovation, the EU should urgently invest in their talent, something which is so obviously lacking, beggars belief - and as for brains....................!

3. By aiming to consolidate Member States' finances and protect them from future crises, Herman obviously believes that a collection of incompetents can second-guess the markets.

4. In putting Tunisia and Egypt on the agenda the little corporal writes that the EU want to support and accompany the fast-moving transition in the best and most effective way; countries that are not only the EU's geographic neighbours but also share common values to help shape a larger community. (my emphasis) This sounds like a 'land-grab' on the part of the EU - does it not? Oh and before any reader says that that suggestion is rubbish, ever heard of EUROMED - aka the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership? No? Go take a look here. Do go read the link and then remember my suggestion of 'land-grab'!

Years ago I read a novel - title and author I am desperate to remember* - who's work of fiction was based on the EU in years to come, although the word EU was never mentioned. It depicted situations where 'their' police roamed our nation, where we were subservient to 'them'. It also depicted a situation where, due to a lack of an inability to feed its population, a plan was hatched by them to drain the Med and use the resultant soil to grow food. It also depicted a situation whereby the people lived in relative poverty, whilst 'they' lived in luxury. (remember your history and think: the USSR?) Fantasy, or part of 'future planning'?

To those who are happy with this nation's integration into the EU, or who would be content with 'partial repatriation of powers', I can but say: think on - fiction has an unhappy knack of turning into fact!

* If any reader of this blog can put me out of my misery, do please email me!


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WitteringsfromWitney said...

A: Thanks - most interesting, had no known of that! Filed for future use!E

john in cheshire said...

While I appreciate the allusions to Napoleon, I don't think that rompuy can in any respect be regarded as his heir. I'm not sure what he is, but perhaps something more in keeping with the Russian Communist history - Lenin? Pol Pot? Mao? In any case, something that feels unclean even to speak of it.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jic: My allusion to Napoleon was purely on a recollection that he was held to be a figure of fun? Likewise Herman?