Thursday, 24 February 2011

And this is how a 'Government' 'works'?

Tim Montgomerie has a quite lengthy post on Conservative Home in respect of the 're-working' of how Number 10 goes about its daily business'. If the details of Tim Montgomerie's post are correct, then in addition to lifting the roof off Number 10 the sooner we demolish the walls the better!

If Cameron needs someone to someone to ensure he 'hits' long-term political goals, then why the hell has he got the job he has?

If the Civil Service appears to have the amount of influence Montgomerie's post suggests, then it does indeed seem to have been inflicted with a 'Common Purpose' and the sooner this is removed - surgically or otherwise - the better.

If a 'press team' is required to 'manage' 'big issues'- when they 'blow up', then perhaps the wrong people are in the position of Secretaries of State?

Montgomerie notes that:
"David Cameron started with only a handful of policy advisors. Gordon Brown's unit was staffed almost entirely by political advisers (SpAds) and they, naturally, left with him. Ten months into the Coalition government Cameron is determined to keep his promise to reduce the overall number of SpAds and that is why the new Policy Unit will be staffed by civil servants."
Yet this is no more than politicising the Civil Service - which should not happen?

Whenever I read that anything is going to be 'beefed-up' I take that to mean that the cattle are to be culled - which probably explains my proposition that we live under a system of democratised dictatorship, something which is the explanation of all our ills!

We do indeed the revolution for which some of us long!


john in cheshire said...

The problem is, the civil service has already been politicised. And, the only way to rectify the situation is to purge the civil service, at all levels of the contamination. We no longer have an apolitical service that serves the country impartially. Thanks to politicians, over the past 50 or so years, what was once a marvel is now an evil.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jic: which is exactly what I said. 'Common Purpose'?

Goodnight Vienna said...

That's why any revolutionary politics would be unpalatable to most English people.

JiC is quite right to say we are contaminated. The tentacles of communitarianism go far beyond Whitehall and extend to our own local authorities, the 'charities', the quangos/ngos. In time, they'll extend to Community Leaders instructed at Big Society Universities, funded by Big Society Banks & mentored by Big Society apparatchiks in Whitehall.

A change of govt, even to UKIP, is worthless. We need a change of administration, and we're not getting it with these cuts - all we're getting is excuses & hardship along Party political lines. We're being lied to.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

GV: One day the English people will learn!

Of course we are 'contaminated'! Cannot disagree with anything you write!

Neither can I disagree with your last comment, either - especially in regard to UKIP. And I vote for them!