Friday, 18 February 2011

The Libertarian Party UK obviously does not 'Wither' under pressure!

IanPJ on Politics posts on the, now closed, saga of Andrew Withers fight against Vince Cable over the 'doubtful practices' of the latter.

All congratulations to Andrew and his party for 'standing up to Big Government'!

Let us hope that, with a view to rubbing a few noses in the proverbial dirt, Andrew Withers does not consider the case closed and now files for damages to his - and that of his Party's - reputation!

Opposition to democratised dictatorship, in what ever form and which has so obviously been (e)Vince(d) by this case, must be opposed at each and every opportunity!


microdave said...

Considering the financial effects on his own business, I hope he does sue them for compensation! We're all sick and tired of hearing about "compensayshun" demands, but this is a deserving case.

Anonymous said...

Heard Cable on the radio today- sounded a bit quiet. Ego death?

Adam R. said...

I know you pay attention to some events that happen in the US. What are your thoughts on the Wisconsin Governor making cuts (among many things) to public unions and the leftist legislators who refuse to vote on something that they will come to lose? It's big news throughout the 50.

Has Cast Iron Dave ever come close to even proposing such a thing in your country? Would the EU even permit it? I know the only thing that made leftists riot were the student fees.
-Adam R.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

m/d: Lets hope AW does and gets bags of dosh!

A:We can but hope for a peaceful and public departure.

AR: Will look into that and probably post.