Saturday, 26 February 2011

Tonight, Matthew, I want to be........?

Matthew d'Ancona has his usual op-ed piece in tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph:
"The foreign policy of England should always be inspired by a love of freedom”: so declared Gladstone in the Midlothian campaign, staking out a moral and political principle that is one of David Cameron’s favourites."
And the difference between a foreign and domestic policy is?
"The last seven days have been inglorious for the Coalition – Cameron on tour with arms manufacturers; Nick Clegg forgetting on the Swiss piste that he was meant to be Acting Prime Minister; Hague stumbling uncharacteristically as precious hours ticked by, reporting flaky rumours about Gaddafi’s supposed flight from Libya and mysteriously declining to call a meeting of Cobra."
And the result of 'pinning a rosette on a monkey' is.........?

Just asking.................

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