Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Education - what education?

"Education makes people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern, but impossible to enslave."
Henry Peter Brougham
A comment from a previous post yesterday evening:
"My next door neighbour has a grandson, aged about 14, I think. He goes to the local comprehensive.

As part of his education, there was a talk from a gipsy/traveller who told the class what a hard and difficult life it was. To which the young man replied "Why don't you get a job?" (He comes from a family which believe in that sort of thing.)

Then they had a lecture from a Muslim, telling the children how badly Muslims are treated in this country and what a hard time they have. "Why don't you go somewhere else then? If it's as bad as you say, I wouldn't stay". the youngster said.

As a result, he was excluded from school - not for very long - but he has a permanent tag of "racist" attached to him now."
Either Henry Peter Brougham was completely wrong, or our education has been failing for about the last 40 years because, generally, people are now easy to govern, easy to drive, easy to lead and easy to enslave!

Just a thought...........


john in cheshire said...

I hope the kid isn't permanently damaged by his experience and continues through his life to hold such normal views.

Sue said...

I hate all this bollocks, especially in schools. We need to encourage free thinking, free speech and above all else TRUTH and if offends, tough!

These are questions I ask all the time. If you don't like living in the UK, why don't you bog off?

There are many unspoken truths, we all know what they are but we are discouraged from speaking our minds.

We're going to end up with an army of little robots, too scared to open their mouths AND their hearts.

You know me David, I call a spade a spade and fuck em, I say!

The Gray Monk said...

Sadly all this Socialist driven 'Political Engineering' is now so deeply rooted in our education system it will take nothing less than the complete re-education of all teachers, lecturers and especially our universities to get it out - and even then you are looking at two to three generations before sense returns - if it can!

The damage done by the likes of Russell, Shaw and the Fabian Society is immense.

paul said...

Well Brougham's idea of education is for a free society. He is not wrong. One can also use education to enslave; a delierate choice can be made. Our education system hasn't been failing; it is designed to fail.

But if British leaders were so minded they could drive it out.

Properly independent schools entirely free from the Progressive stranglehold would be a start, but if you wanted to do it overnight, you would have to be radical (but then, needs must), you would establish - because it is easy to do - that the Marxist/Constructivist teaching method is part of a wider attack on British culture and declare it against the freedom of the people; you don't even have to ban it. Just make it taboo.

If you know how the other side are attacking you, you know how to defend yourself.

English Pensioner said...

Once a lad like that discovers that these people run the country, he will probably decide to leave himself, as have children and grandchildren of a number of friends.
These people are the same as the "whinging poms" that the Aussies used to moan about - we need to coin a similar phrase for the moaning immigrants!

blingmun said...

@ Paul "you don't even have to ban it. Just make it taboo."

You may be right politically but I can't go along with a new form of political correctness merely because it happens to conform with my own personal bias. It's just the same with other things I loathe such as fox hunting or smoking in restaurants. Individual freedom for humans is much more important to me than my own moral judgements about animals or my preference when I'm out for a meal (in this case the freedom applies to the restaurant owner and those who choose to be paying customers).

More generally we should champion winning over hearts and minds instead of compulsion by taboo, coercion through fines or outright physical violence. It is not merely the ideas of socialism that undermines the open society, but also the tactics, such as political correctness, which are its natural outgrowths.

outsider said...

When I was at school, one intelligent boy espoused racially anti-black views in an essay class. He was received politely by the teacher and the rest of us, who all argued against him and rejected his position. He went on to the same University as myself and was one of those who called invited Sir Oswald Mosley to speak. It caused a small riot. Today, he would be arrested for expressing those views. I do not think that is progress. Nor has it reduced the number of racially prejudiced people. Sadly rather the opposite.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jic: We can but hope! He seems to have sensible parents.

S/TGM/p/EP/b/O: you all make points with which I cannot disagree.

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WitteringsfromWitney said...

EWSHUK: Education is necessary for everyone to survive - problem is education is missing in the academic field and instead emphasis is put on the social engineering element or mind control.