Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Purple Scorpion's tail doth indeed have a sting

The Purple Scorpion, a website that should be on everyone's blogroll, posts on the wind swindle and  inks to an article in the Mail relating the tribulations of Johnny Ball - father of DJ Zoe - and that of David Bellamy. The PS also links to an article by the scourge of the 'warmists', James Delingpole.

From the Mail we learn that both the incomes of Ball and Bellamy have suffered because of their beliefs. Ball cannot get a ten-minute meeting with the Controller of Radio4 and Bellamy cannot get an appearance on television.

As the PS states at the end of his post, North remarks in a different context that our parents "told the élites where to get off". We, he says, have to learn how do the same.

To which I can but add - the sooner the better!

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