Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Right of Wisconsin

One of my American readers recently suggested that I might wish to air my views on the little spat that is taking place in Wisconsin, where the recently elected State Governor is suggesting that public service employees might like to contribute to their perks, privileges and pensions. To provide those readers with a flavour of the arguments involved, try this and this. Never one to refuse an offer.........

It would appear that Scott Walker (not one of these two surely) is attempting a bit of 'Thatcherism' and in so doing making those that enjoy a 'closeted workstyle' and who will subsequently enjoy an envious income once they finish working for a living, contribute to both. If, as would appear to be the case, the state of Wisconsin is facing a budget deficit then it seems that, as in our country, public sector workers are content for their 'lifestyle' to continue and, as a result, to see public services cut.

Now, if only we in the UK had local councils with tax raising powers, local councils who were really responsible for what happened in their geographical area of responsibility - and a government that believed in the old adage of not sticking their nose into what is actually none of their concern - and could not do so!

And as for the Big Society - watch out for the following post.................

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