Sunday, 6 February 2011

Multiculturialism (4)

Quoting a comment on my post Multiculturalism (2):
"There is a simple way of dealing with this. My car was stolen a week ago, and even though it has Tracker fitted the very nice chap on the Tracker reporting line "indicated" that I should report my ethnicity to the Police as White\Asian and that I thought it was racially motivated.

The car was recovered in 3 hours.
Question: Does this mean that Tracker is racially prejudiced? Oops!


Richard said...

It means that, if they think you are from a 'disadvantaged' minority, they will jump to it and do their job with enthusiasm and efficiency. Otherwise, it's 'sorry Sir, no-one available'.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

R Exactly! Begs the question who is the racist?

john in cheshire said...

It appears to mean that we should play the racists who are in charge at their own game; because as with everything socialist, it is they who push race, not normal people. I don't recall race being an issue till the EHRC and its predecessor came into being.
And I wonder if the term Politically Correct is one that we should refrain from using; it is too benign a term for what the socialists are doing to us. Not sure what to replace it with, if something is needed. Or maybe by not using it, we begin to see them for what they are.

Adam R. said...

John in Cheshire, here are some better terms for PC:

Choked Speech
Authoritarian Approved Language
Total Language Control
Vocal Domination
Anti-Western Values Language
Non-Factual Thought Process
Liberation from Individual Thought

Anonymous said...

I used to work for a large corporation where it was sometimes hard to get time off work. Tell them that you had to attend a barmitzvah (or other minority cultural occassion) and it wasnt a problem. It didnt seem to matter that you had a christian name!

Richard said...

Easier than when I was at school. A mate of mine was rumbled when the teachers got together and realised that he had had four grandfathers die in the space of two years.

Anastasia Fitzgerald-Beaumont said...

PC? Don't get me started! :-)

subrosa said...

Inspector Gadget has a good list on his blog. OK I'll go get the link...

There you are.