Thursday, 3 February 2011

Divide and rule

One of the best known methods by which to defeat an enemy, thus gaining control of a country and its peoples - other than all-out 'blitzkrieg' of course. If an example is needed of how the European Union is going about the business of subjugating this country and its people, it must be this post.

What we have here is the European Union creating yet another pressure group to lobby and coerce the government to meet standards set down by Brussels - standards based on an unproven science. On the threat of massive fines the EU have even managed to arrange even more subversion of our national government by having a local authority politician suggesting that local authorities should be able to discuss matters direct, thus cutting out the middle man - brilliant strategy! But then, what is the Committee of the Regions for?

The more I read about our own politicians and bureaucrats with their wish to debase us - and themselves - at the throne of Brussels, the greater grows my belief that the only answer to our predicament is this.


English Pensioner said...

Our government should copy the French, simply ignore the EU when they want to.

France decided to deport the Roma who were responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime and were largely living on the state.
The EU objected and issued all kinds of threats.
The French simply ignored them.
The EU announced that it would be considering the situation and it was under review.
No doubt it will still be under review in ten years time.
The solution to all their threats is for the government to make one of its own - "If you do that, we'll hold a referendum on withdrawing from the EU"
Somehow I don't think the EU would take the risk.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

EP: I am all for defyiing the EU as in we're leaving, byeeee! I am not for staying and cherrypicking their damn political diktats!

john in cheshire said...

WfW, I agree. By engaging in any form of negotiation with the EU legitimises it. Our relationship with this socialist dictatorship has to be all or nothing. Either we want to be ruled by it, or we want out and to determine our own future - wherever it may take us. As you probably know by now, I want us out and nothing less would be acceptable.

Anonymous said...

I have just heard that Baroness Ashton The EU Foreign Policy Hoon say she ” urges the continuation of demonstrations on the streets of Egypt in order to lead to a transition” Absolutely bloody incredible. A woman who has never won an election, who holds an unelected position of enourmous influence (and pay packet) CALLING FOR CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE TO GET RID OF UNELECTED RULERS. I take it we can assume that she would also support us in Europe taking the same attitude. When does the rally to get rid of Von Rumpy Pumpy and the hypocritical one start!!!

Tufty said...

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex.

Albert Einstein. He could have been talking about the EU couldn't he?