Thursday, 24 February 2011

It must have been obvious for some time now that Daniel Kawcszynski was a .....

Daniel Kawczynski has a post on Conservative Home - which I urge all to read as it is the most vacuous and patronising that I have seen since becoming an avid 'internet-nut', one interested in politics.

Noting how there are hundreds and hundreds of graves of British servicemen who died fighting fascism (and the freedoms incorporated in what was British democracy - Ed) and how he noted that so many were so young, thereby losing the lives ahead of them, I could willingly ram those words down the orifice on which he sits! He continues that, with his colleagues, he paused to recall the freedoms we have today, for which these young men died.

Those buried in the British War Cemetery in Tripoli must - as with all those that lost their lives during two World Wars, wherever they may be buried - be turning in their graves when they witness the loss of freedoms for which they died as a result of the social-engineering that has taken place in what was their country, at the hands of our political elite. Witnessing how our politicians have sold their country 'over the Channel' (aka, down the river) they have probably died a second time.

Writing that he is "shocked and appalled by the levels of violence unleashed by the Libyan government" Kawcszynski should remember one thing - when the British people finally do rebel, the levels of violence they practise will be even beyond his imagination. He should also realise that whilst Gaddafi has survived for the days and weeks that he has, Kawcszynski's survival - together with those of his ilk - will probably be measured in minutes!

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