Thursday, 3 February 2011

The nadir to which our nation has sunk

Goodnight Vienna, Calling England, posts:
"I sometimes long for the simple days - you know the ones I mean, the days before tweeting and spin.  Those were the days when Prime Minister's didn't need a cohort of special advisers and press secretaries between themselves and the public.  They also didn't have so many 'independent advisory bodies' or quangos and fake charidees on whom to deflect blame.  The political structure in this country stinks."
I have to refer, yet again, to another excellent post by Tim Aker who writes:
"The parliament at Westminster is the seat of political power in the UK and, as you will find in my writing on the EU, can and should override any other political authority. We have the constitutional power, through an act of parliament, to reverse any judgement made by any other legal entity. That power is transferred down to councils by the will of parliament to perform duties locally. They, too, are elected and therefore legitimate."
Derek Bennet - and if you do have time, watch the debate to which he links - writes:
"Little by little, bit by bit, quietly and stealthily, we are being led like lambs to the slaughter into a highly regulated and controlled European police state. As the months and years pass we find that the state is encroaching into our lives ever more, the freedoms and liberties we take so much for granted and expect as our right by being born British are slipping away, in fact our right to consider ourselves to be British is being eroded too as we are all now classed as “European citizens”."
Odd, is it not, that every emasculation of our nation and its democracy can be traced back to three sets of  two initials: EU, CP and CS - that is: European Union, Common Purpose and the Civil Service. It can be said that the 'driver' is the first; the second being an organisation that has climbed onto the band-wagon of the first with a view to 'getting on the rungs of power' and the last purely because they are bureaucrats.

To take GV's last sentence: "The political structure in this country stinks" is one that is so true. Witness, we have a collection of detritus, posing as politicians, who are content to disregard the people they are supposed to represent; who are content to cede power to a foreign body in direct contravention of the Bill of Rights 1688; and who are more concerned about their standard of living than the country they are supposed to preserve. (Tim Aker)

We have allowed to evolve an "unelected government" comprising fake charities, quangos and "independent advisory bodies" who, with the consent of our elected government, now lobby, coerce and thereby dictate Government policy - aided and abetted by Common Purpose. (Goodnight Vienna)

We allow ourselves to be led into total subservience to the 'state', driven by the three sets of initials mentioned earlier and by the time the people of this land do wake up to what is happening, it will indeed be too late (Derek Bennet)

Can we free ourselves of this blight that has settled on our land? Yes. Will it be bloody? More than likely. Is it now too late for the people to wake up? No, providing they do so now and do not let what amounts to the Quisling elements, who have attained power, to continue with their undemocratic business. Otherwise, as Derek Bennet writes, it really will be too late.

It is a sad sign of the times in which we live that one who believes in the democratic process, as I did, has to propose that to free the people - and this country -  it will be necessary that, one morning, we open our curtains to be greeted with the sight of every lamp post being 'decorated' with one of these 'Quislings' kicking their heels in thin air, whilst being suspended by their scrawny necks. That can be done - and it needs to be done, because only that way will be we ever be free from the lunatics now running the asylum!

Ahem: Now awaiting the '3am situation' when 'the door gets taken off its hinges'........


Sue said...

It's the youngsters we've got to inform. They really don't have a clue whats going on.

It's our duty to teach them.

Nobody else will.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

True Sue, very true.

On a lighter note, hopefully it will be those 'youngsters' who will undertake the physical aspect of attaching ropes to lamp posts - I think I am past that.........

Mark Wadsworth said...

You get bonus points for "to which", that makes this pedant very happy.

As to the first excerpt, what is he talking about? Governments have always had massive propaganda departments, and with the interweb and everything, it is far easier nowadays to track down statistics or prove that politicians are actively lying or are completely contradicting what they said a year or two ago.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anything to make you happy, MW!

*Ahem* actually the first is a 'she' - but far from it for me to be a pedant!

WitteringsfromWitney said...

MW: sorry, forgot to suggest: One all?

Mark Wadsworth said...

Sorry typo. I meant to say "What i she talking about..."