Saturday, 5 February 2011

Forget words - action is called for!

"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government."
Thomas Paine (1737-1809)

Christopher Booker, in his Sunday column, looks back on 21 years of journalistic campaigning against all that is wrong with our country. William Langley, in the Telegraph, writes about an affront to a position that is at the heart of our democratic and parliamentary process. Many in the blogosphere rail against our political system and those that inhabit it, but to no avail. There names are known within the blogosphere and there is no need to mention them now, suffice it to say there are others spread across this nation of ours that feel as we bloggers do. For whatever reason, be it that they are not on the internet or do not read blogs - they are there.

For some time I have proposed the suggestion that it will not be possible to remove those in power through democratic means as they do not listen to those that they are supposed to represent. Those in power have control over the media, press, television and radio, which is the only means whereby the people can be informed - consequently what information is laid before the people is that which the political elite allow us to hear.

I have for some weeks now been offering the opinion that removal of those in power cannot be accomplished by democratic means, for reasons explained in the previous paragraph and proposing that this can only be accomplished by the people taking to the streets in numbers sufficient to bring home to those in power that either they change or we, the people, will change them.

In an earlier post I ended by suggesting that someone was needed to organise such a demonstration and asked for volunteers. None has been forthcoming although admittedly it is only 36 hours - at the time of writing - since that request was made. It is possible for such a demonstration to be organised - one without warning to the authorities - and one that would be a peaceful protest without placards, but would have a list of demands to be presented to Westminster.

As one who believes that the time has come to save our country from the 'communitarian hell' that the political elite have planned for us; that we have had too many words and that action is now the only alternative; it is necessary that we organise ourselves. If readers will forgive what may be construed as 'egotism' on my part, as I make no secret of my identity, it would be better if one who still retained a degree of anonomity were to put themselves forward to co-ordinate/organise such a demonstration as outlined - failing which I will 'volunteer'.

I await responses.


The Talking Clock said...

For what it's worth, any taking to the streets either against the European Union and/or in fabour of our Bill of Rights / Magna Carta / Habeas Corpus etc will be supported by my humble blog...

...and I'd be one of the people there in person, too.


WitteringsfromWitney said...

TTC: If no-one comes forward, I will be in touchQ

Anonymous said...

There is an anti-EU rally in London on April 2nd. A million protesters would be a good start.

David Lonsdale

WitteringsfromWitney said...

A/DL: Who is organising that?

Tarka the Rotter said...

Anti-EU rally? Great, I'll be there

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TtR: So will I, lets hope the turnout is massive.

Stuart said...

I think we need a declaration of right or grand remonstance, to be signed by as many citzens of the UK. We need to swear our allegiance to our nation (ourselves) and our emnity to its enemies unnamed. Action needs to be taken by them or we will.

Our government is acting unconstitutionally and redress is needed. I am with you WFW. One million people voted UKIP. I do not see why a million angry people cannot be summoned. Richard North has said the same thing. Count me in.

paul said...

Richard North suggested a date for an "assertion" - before the next planned general election. I think the timing is good. It will allow us to help people make the connections between their by-then tangibly worse personal economic and cultural circumstances.

You don't want to be marching around for the Kay Burleigh's of the world to discredit you, and the police to set traps to demonise you. However, if people already understand that Burleigh is a mouthpiece for an unscrupulous political class, and the police are their footsoldiers, then whatever the establishment does will not undermine your efforts.

It is the end of the time for talking - the time when you were trying to make the connections yourself. Now you know that you ARE being screwed. The "doing" starts with telling everyone else they are screwed to, and pointing to the abundent evidence. Then you move (It's a detail, but actually, I see the establishment moving first - if they see a real threat to them, they won't hesitate).

As for the anti-EU rally, and the petitions for referenda - if Tory MPs and MEPs and the like are behind it, its designed to fail. Think about it. There can not be any over reason for why there are so many eurosceptics, but how we are so far up the arse of the EU.

An uprising has to be organised from the grass roots, otherwise its just sanctioned transistion - meaning that the bastards will still be in charge.

Start organising, wfw, by all means, but expect the game to last a little bit longer.

paul said...

Whoops - ammendment to last comment. Extend sentence "It will allow us to help people make the connections between their by-then tangibly worse personal economic and cultural circumstances." with

and with the actions of their visibly useless, venal, and lying politicians.

Anonymous said...

I would love to know who is organising this, WfW; I hope we are not going to be led down blind alleys as we were on the Referendum march.

One of the strong points that I think should be made is that we have increased our payments to the EU because of the new bodies set up by the Lisbon treaty.

No one had a say on this; we are being taxed without representation.

Nothing new there then.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

S: Thanks - another one for me to contact.

p: Agreed and accept this demo cannot be organised in the immediate future.

BJ: As I said if no volunteer comes forward I will organise this demo. Intend waiting a few days and them starting.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dingsgate

Time to gather the silent majority?

I have long felt the need to apologise to those who gave their lives that we might be free, and we have let that freedom slip through our fingers like sand.

I have thought about standing at a war memorial at the 11th hour for a few minutes just to say sorry, on a Saturday or on the 11th of each month.

Perhaps the 11th and/or the last Saturday of every month could be the dates for major silent gatherings in our cities and big towns to dwell upon the ease with which we have allowed our freedom and our liberty has been taken from us, when so many fought and died to preserve it for us, while so few of us seem to care.

A regular date and time would allow our feelings to gather momentum. Each new abuse by our beloved government in Brussels – for now we have only one - ought to bring fresh faces to remember why those memorials are there.

It would not require organising; just passing on the idea from person to person. Let each individual decide when and where they remember what others have sacrificed for a freedom which we have so easily relinquished.

Perhaps they might place a card on the memorial with a poppy and inscribed (centred):

They died in vain


Just a thought.


WitteringsfromWitney said...

A/DP: Same initials as me, well the last two anyway......

What a lovely idea and one to which serious thought can be given.

I have an idea, based on the old 'cell' system, just needs 'tweaking'.... As you can appreciate this sort of demo is not something which can be organised at the flick of ones fingers......

I will be in touch!

Anonymous said...

Count me in.
Are there any tips to be had from the 'tea party' movement.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

A: Will do and thanks. Not something that can be done at the flick of ones fingers though.