Monday, 7 February 2011

Quote of the day

Lord Tebbitt on Cameron:
"My only criticism of what he said is that he fell into the politically correct trap of referring to “Right-wing fascists”. Surely he should have known that fascism is a Left-wing doctrine espoused by the ex-communist Mussolini. What a tragedy! All that expensive education left him ignorant of what I learned at Grammar School. He should ask for his money back."


john in cheshire said...

But isn't Cameron a member of UAF. If he isn't now, he certainly was only a short time ago. And in that case, he appears to have leanings towards extreme socialist organisations; I don't think it is appropriate for a Prime Minister and leader of a major political party to associated with such a bunch of intolerant thugs.

paul said...

But, the noble Lord "Its your fault 'cos you voted for us, but actually I helped decieve you but we won't admit to that cos I'm an old coward" (aka ****-face) doesn't understand.

A fascist collectivises and controls the people through a one party state and megacorporations that become departments of government. A communist collectivises and controls people through a one pary state and big-big government. Left-wing fascism is right-wing communism - meaning that its all near as damn-it the same because its all derived from Marxism (hence the mistake of calling Mussolini an ex-communist - it would be more correct to say that he was always a Marxist). And the Third Way, which is something betwixt Fascism and Communism, is what we have now, thanks to his flipping highness, and the rest of the bastards.

The real distinction is not between left and right, but between Law-ism and Misrule, and because we don't have the former, and because Lord Asswipe was instrumental in us not having it, he, as they all do, like to talk about things that don't exist, and try to make us think that they are important.