Thursday, 3 February 2011


Anna Raccoon, bless her, has yet another 'scoop' in which she reports that two bloggers are being denied their offerings from being seen in public libraries. Do go read her post as the subject matter is important and also the link offering the source of her information. It is my intention to forward FOIs to Oxfordshire County Council and West Oxfordshire District Council, but I would urge other bloggers to approach their own local authorities and then 'report back' to Anna.

No doubt there is some obscure law that they are invoking (which is one of the questions asked) and if not then heaven help them, but do not libraries have a duty to be a repository of all information, regardless of 'political acceptability'?

As Anna points out, if the Guardian, Telegraph or Mail websites were made unavailable the public outcry would be immense, so why cannot bloggers have the same protection?

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