Friday, 25 February 2011

The sinking of the United Kingdom

Most of us with any knowledge of history will recall the exploits of the orchestra on the RMS Titanic who continued to play whilst the ship sank beneath the waves.

The similarity of that event can be compared with events that have occurred during the past few weeks - with the uprisings in Egypt, Tunisa and Libya - when coupled with the behaviour of our national politicians who have continued to play the same tune about the restoration of democracy in those countries, whilst their own is sinking beneath the waves.

It is there that the similarity ends as whilst the Titanic orchestra members were honoured and revered, unfortunately the present-day 'band members' playing the 'democracy tune' will not be so remembered. In fact, if the British people have any sense of justice they will send our past and present so-called guardians of the United Kingdom a bill, one that will be far, far more than that received by Jock Hume's father.

It is not beyond irony that in those days the relationship twixt master and employee, which meant that the latter were expected to be heard by their patrons but surely not seen, has been 'turned on its head' - which to our political elite will probably be held as progress!

It is about time that the British people enacted the philosophy proposed in the old adage "an eye for an eye".

Just another thought.............

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TomTom said...

Narcissism is the doctrine, Cameron and Clegg want the status but not the is so common in this Era of Unrealism. It is the downfall of the West as politicians act like Princes with the EU as The Congress of Vienna 1815.....we are back to the absurdities of Napoleon III