Friday, 4 February 2011

Democratised Dictatorship

A term that I have used on this blog many, many times and an example of this comes from today's Open Europe press summary:
"UK opts in to another EU crime and justice law
The Government yesterday opted in to an EU directive on cybercrime, despite MPs on the House of Commons European Scrutiny Committee’s refusing to clear the proposal late last year because they felt there were still questions for Ministers to answer about the plans. The directive sets “a maximum term of imprisonment of at least five years” for certain cybercrime offences. Under the Lisbon Treaty, the European Court of Justice will have full and ultimate jurisdiction over the application of these rules in the UK for the first time."(my emphasis)
And where exactly was this in either the LibDems or Conservative manifestos? When exactly were the people asked if they agreed with this decision? Just when was the option whereby due parliamentary process could be set to one side agreed by the people?

Our politicians today are indeed dangerous men and women, acting in the manner of dictators - and they need to be removed!

What is it that eventually happens in dictatorships? The people rise up and remove them!

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