Thursday, 17 February 2011

Revolution should be compulsory (perhaps)

"Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government and form a new one that suits them better......"
Abraham Lincoln 12th January 1848
"Democracy has proved only that the best way to gain power over people is to assure the people that they are ruling themselves. Once they believe that, they make wonderfully submissive slaves."
Joseph Sobran - The Myth of 'Limited Government'
Richard North, EU Referendum, writes that politics no longer matters when it has no relevance and bears no further analysis; that the politicians of today are no longer 'of us' and that as a consequence they have nothing in common with us nor we with them.

That is so very, very true, borne out by the fact that Cameron has stated only today lunchtime that he listened to the public about the sale of forests and reversed the policy. It makes a good headline for him, yet masks the dictatorial attitude he has in respect of so much of his politics. It is a great pity that he does not listen to the British public when they complain about foreign aid and this country's membership of the EU. That money alone would go a long way to ensuring that our elderly and vulnerable received the level of care to which they are entitled.

We are assured by Cameron that he intends creating a smaller state by devolving power to the people, yet as the Localism Bill and Freedom Bill demonstrates, the devolution of power - and freedoms being returned - to the people is no more than a sham exercise in public relations. As Ian Parker-Joseph demonstrated yesterday, here, the idea of a new Bill of Rights is but another sham exercise in public relations whereby our system of Common Law can be buried for ever. In fact with Cameron, as with the present politicians of Red or Yellow persuasion, what is offered is the illusion of 'people power' when in actual fact, the result is the exact opposite.

So, paraphrasing P.J. O'Rourke, when considering politics in this country it is obvious that Labour are the party that that says government will make you smarter, taller, richer - and that you don't actually have to work to achieve that. The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are both parties that say government doesn't work, get elected and promptly prove it.

I have just read a book, published by Big Brother Watch, "The state of civil liberties in modern Britain" in which various politicians and writers contribute chapters and from that written by David Davis I quote:
"Indeed the British people, as we all know, are terribly casual about liberty. They treat it carelessly, like a very old suit of clothes that they have had for a very long time. Because, that is precisely what it is. Only when under visible threat do they react. Then they come out and are willing to die in their hundreds of thousands to defend it. But to get the British people to react, we have to make the threat obvious and clear."
If our politicians were men and women of principle and honour they would be doing just that - making the threat obvious and clear. They would be doing so in plain English, instead of talking in riddles or what may be termed 'politic-speak'. They won't do that of course as they prefer to keep those they are supposed to represent in perpetual slavery.

It is increasingly clear to me - and it would appear to others in the blogosphere - that the only way the status of our country can be restored to its former glory is by means of a 'people's revolution'. Having removed the detritus that presently inhabits Westminster - and our local authorities etc - is to then instil the ideas of this man into the heads of their replacements. As a foretaste and to ensure you do read the link, allow me to provide two extracts:
"When we started this process with the Department of Transportation, it had 5,600 employees. When we finished, it had 53. When we started with the Forest Service, it had 17,000 employees. When we finished, it had 17. When we applied it to the Ministry of Works, it had 28,000 employees. I used to be Minister of Works, and ended up being the only employee...........We achieved an overall reduction of 66 percent in the size of government, measured by the number of employees. The government’s share of GDP dropped from 44 to 27 percent. We were now running surpluses, and we established a policy never to leave dollars on the table: We knew that if we didn’t get rid of this money, some clown would spend it. So we used most of the surplus to pay off debt, and debt went from 63 percent down to 17 percent of GDP. We used the remainder of the surplus each year for tax relief. We reduced income tax rates by half and eliminated incidental taxes. As a result of these policies, revenue increased by 20 percent. Yes, Ronald Reagan was right: lower tax rates do produce more revenue."
If only we were not shackled to a political ideology that is foreign to our nature; that we were, once again, a self-governing nation; that we had politicians of principle and honour, ones with a basic grasp of economics; that we had a people who were proud of their country; who believed in liberty and freedom..........

Oh well, never mind.


James Higham said...

Great stuff. What worries me is that we're being manoeuvred towards revolution, which suggests it's been factored in. What's the nasty at the end of the process?

Raedwald said...

Likewise. Ever since the Conservatives outlawed the Monday Club, traditional Conservative views have been increasing portrayed as 'extremist right wing' - there's a foundation being laid here. Provoking a premature popular movement and ruthlessly repressing it is an old tactic - and one that shouldn't catch anyone.

Anonymous said...

I can not believe that the governments of the last few years have been so stupid.

The decisions made and the policies put in place have been totally perverse and lacking any common sense.

It sometimes seems to me that, if you were to put in place a series of policies in order to undermine a country, you would have done everything that the clowns of the past 40 years have done.

But I agree with you WfW – the government has just got away from us; it seems that we’re on our own.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

JH: Hopefully the 'nasty' will not happen. Unless of course we give them time to instigate the Civil Contingencies Act - then it will get nasty for us!

R: Then the resistance will move 'underground' - and then the fight really begins!

BJ: We are on our own most definitely - 'they' have some little time yet, but the revolution will happen. Maybe the revolution will be crushed, maybe not. Can you honestly see the army firing on its own people? The police might but they would need the EU police or an army from one of the member states and that would just stir the British up even more.

If the cards are played correctly it can be done before 'they' could respond.

paul said...

Sorry to drop my link on your site again, WfW, but it just saves space and myself armache. My own thoughts are here on this matter.

Basically, (so that you don't have to go trawling about the internet if you don't want to) we give them no excuse to move whatsoever. When they do move, it will be for their own survival.

Oh, and pray for a Ron Paul US presidency.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

paul: you are welcome to drop whatever link you wish.

When I move, trust me it will be a 'given'!

Edward Spalton said...

Don't forget that Abe Lincoln took rather a dim view when the Southern states decided to secede from the Union. But then, old Abe was a politician and arguably responsible for the deaths of more Americans than those lost in all subsequent wars - including two world wars.

Nightwatchstate said...

Replied in depth:

IanPJ said...

If you look at the revolts going on in the Middle East at present, and the reaction of Western Govts, it becomes clear that
a) they were caught unawares
b) the revolts are grass roots people based, who want to remove not only the despots, dictators, etc as well as the outside influences such as the US & EU but also the extremes of the Islamists.
The majority of the people in the Arabic and Persian lands no more want them than we do.
c) The western govts are now shitting themselves because these people are doing this on their own, were not pre-organised, did not ask for permission from the puppet masters and are outside of their influence.

The net effect is that it blows their guaranteed war/conflict/funding/military sales games out of the water, and will undermine all their 'security industry' rules, regulations and laws, and
show them up for the sham that they are.

Now would be the perfect time to revolt, whilst they are still on the back foot, although I agree with James, its already been factored in, accounts for the plethora of draconian laws and that big one, the Civil Contingencies Act.

You don't make laws unless you intend to use them one day.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

ES: How could I forget that.....!

N: Response will be in a post.....

IPJ: Your point about the Civil Contingencies Act is well made and known.......

TomTom said...

ZERO-BASED BUDGETING hard to implement, devastating in impact. Kills Bureaucracy