Monday, 31 January 2011


Unless there is a valid reason, such as prior commitments taking me away from my laptop, regular readers will know that invariably there are a number of posts on this blog each day.

Today, for reasons I have yet to fathom, I have not been able to summon the will to write. Oh, I could have written some more about the love I have for my country, the monarchy, our green and pleasant land which is like no other, our traditions, the need for the preservation of how our way of life used to be, the 'conquering' of our nation by others with the willing connivance of our politicians - but I have written about that previously.

At the moment I feel nothing but despair for the future of my country - and nothing but pure hate for the politicians who have brought this about. My deepest regret is that I did not take an interest in politics earlier; that I was 40/50 years younger in order that I could physically 'do' something - and boy oh boy, could I 'do' something! As it is, all I have left to offer now is words; and, unfortunately, it would seem that no-one wishes to read those words, other than the 'converted'.

It does seem to me - as the days pass and the grip our politicians have on our country inexorably increases - that they will not be removed through the ballot box, thus meaning that the only way in which they will be removed is by taking a leaf out of the examples set by Romania and others.

It is to my lasting regret that I am not of sufficient physical strength to take part in such a rebellion, however I can but pray that those who are, do - and organise themselves and bring about that change, pdq. My one wish is that before my time on earth is ended I might see the present venal, dishonourable, unprincipled political elite being introduced to the lamp post which has, or should have been, reserved for their personal use.

I have other 'irons in the fire' which involve, hopefully, causing my constituency Member of Parliament, Oxfordshire County Council and my previous Registered Social Landlord a certain amount of 'discomfort'. As a result Witterings from Witney may be taking a short 'sabbatical' - but, on the other hand, how short that sabbatical is will depend on the stupidity of our politicians, so I would plead that I am not removed from the blogrolls of those who have honoured me with my inclusion; at least not just yet!

One thing I can promise those who have, some would say, the misguided impression that my words matter - to quote those of Arnie - I'll be back!


Tufty said...

Don't be too long. I enjoy this blog.

Spinoza thought that freedom was the same as understanding. To understand is to be free. This is what I find so liberating about the internet and the world of blogging. I no longer have to grope towards an understanding via a few crappy newspapers and the appalling BBC.

English First said...

I can relate to every word you have written in this post. I, like you feel the same way about the situation here in England. I also feel impotent in being unable to help Her. I feel betrayed on so many levels. We were the generation that was promised everything yet we find ourselves with so much having been wrenched from us.

I served Queen & Country for 26 years with several bouts of active service. When I left the service I became shocked at what was really going on outside! In 2001 I realised that dark forces were indeed operating covertly. After 10 years of doing everything by the bookI feel drained, frustrated and helpless. But they continue to destroy the last remnants of everything I love.

David, we have had our disagreements, but we both feel very similarly about our Country. I certainly do not hold grudges, after all a spat is a spat and not really worth losing sleep over! Just to say that I will fight along side you anywhere and youbwill have my full support on your return.

For me I feel the nic phase ends. I have seen many friends die in service and to be honest I think there can be few more honourable things to do than die for the country you love. Maybe the time has come for some major action? I am unsure if I wish to continue to live under such overt oppression.

Who knows what will happen to us both, but I wish you well and hope that some day we will both be able to walk amongst this fair land as free, happy and content Englishmen.


Caratacus said...

"Who must do the hard things? Those who can.
Who must do the impossible things? Those who care."

Thanks for producing such a splendid blog WfW. The constant quality, the grammatically correct and well-punctuated English which is a pleasure to read. As another oldun, I sympathise entirely - I like to think that I have one last final physical effort in me if needed!

Tufty - My thoughts too...

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Tufty: Thank you.

Nick: 'Spats' are forgotten. Thank you for your kind words.

Caratacus: Thank you too, for your kind words.

To all three of you I would say this: I am not quitting, I am not stopping to write. I just need some time to 're-group' and maybe think how I can best direct my feeble efforts, using just words, to get rid of the present blight on our country. I may well be back tomorrow - as I said, who knows?

At the moment I am just 'gutted' and that last post just 'happened' - it was not written with 'aforethought', that I can promise!

Just give me a day or two - please.

Lastly, I thank you all for your comments and, dare I say, praise. You are all very, very kind.

Tim Aker said...

I sympathise, I have only just started writing again after a long spell of 'whats the point'? But we can't let the buggers get us down. If anything the UkUncut types need fighting now more than ever. To arms!

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TA: Have no fear, you have just managed to relight the fuse - which will cost you two rounds of doubles!

microdave said...

I too feel utter despair at the way this country is heading. But even if we seem to be knocking our heads against a brick wall, it must surely be better to try, than not bother at all?

As you know, I have contacted my MP on several occasions, with little useful result. I have also had letters published in the local paper, and they appear to be (gradually) accepting that alternative views should be given an airing.

How you manage to put so many excellent posts together is a source of amazement to me, so taking a short break seems an eminently sensible thing to do. Remember you won't be the first to have thrown the towel in (even if only as a veiled threat!), and returned shortly afterwards...

Hope to see you back soon.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

m/dave: Like all good intentions, mine has been broken in a matter of minutes!

Fear not - WfW is back!

The Boiling Frog said...

I know how you feel WfW, I'm going through the whole 'bloggers block' thing and despair myself. We just have to plugging away I s'pose.

At least Egypt is showing at the moment that you can never predict when these revolutions happen and when they do it happens quickly.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Fear not TBF - it was shortlived, for which you can blame Tim Aker!

Andy Baxter said...

To all who say "I've had enough and whats the point" please don't give up, for those of us who have not the time or energy to research and write about the ills of our society you are a beacon of light compared to the darkness and poverty of analysis and critique that the MSM has to offer. so thank you.

I have to disagree though regarding an elected chamber as Tim Aker puts it for the Lords and I copy my comments on his blog below:

Whilst I agree with your sentiment that the Current house of Lords is not perfect it is infinitely better than an elected chamber:

think about it for a moment: the House of Commons is peopled almost exclusively with oxbridge privileged educated 'wet behind the ears' self serving power hungry career politicians with no, absolutely no REAL life experience, consequently we have the dire mess we are drowning in because of this. The current chamber of the Lords is peopled with hereditray peers as well as many who are appointed but who have had careers in Law, medicine, industry, education, Politics, Union representation, business and a whole host of other REAL life experience:

their value while not perfect (could it ever be thus?) is that they bring a sense of real world critique and can stimulate public debate in a wider sense in the MSM and blogs (something that Parliament is supposed to do!) via blocking and delaying the executives desire for ever more power grabs....

an elected chamber or senate as you put it would create just another party apparatchik a set of pawns subject to party fear and favour under whips as the Commons are...a rubber stamping chamber to push through the executives voracious desire for ever more control over our lives.

no thank you it may not be perfect in its current state but at least it is on the whole relatively an independent body, that has the courage, experience and intellect to challenge the rushed ill thought legislation that the executive in the Commons tries to push through....

give me the Lords as they are anyday...for they are OUR last bastion of liberty in what Lord Hailsham called this ELECTIVE DICTATORSHIP

WitteringsfromWitney said...

AB: Thank you kindly. As I said above at the time I was in a trough of despair and the post just 'happened'.

Thanks to Tim Aker who managed to reignite my ire in a matter of minutes, the sabbatical lasted just a few minutes.

Re the HoL: reform is possible, but first we need to clear out the bunch of placemen. The hereditary may havd been 'posh' but at least they had wise heads on their shoulders.

One thing is certain and TA is quite correct - ex MPs, especially the ones mentioned - deserve not their ennoblement!

Woodsy42 said...

Unfortunately WfW I'm not in a position to have much influence. I don't have 'contacts', haven't worked in the media or political arena nor have any particularly useful revolutionary skills.
I gravitated here, and to other libertarian blogs, because of a sense of increasing anger and betrayal over what is being done to this country, its people and it's culture. Trying to find people with similar views.
I do think the message is getting through, people are waking up. Talking to people, even politically moderate friends, there is an increasing sense of overt anger towards the political elite. But as you suggest the slowness and sense of impotence is intensely depressing.
But I do believe something will happen. There are peaceful possibilities, the disintegration of the political parties would be one. If however no peaceful escape occurs then I fear it will become very unpleasant and violent in this country in a few years time, just as it is now in North Africa.
Please try and keep up the good work.

microdave said...

@ Woodsy42 - you said "I'm not in a position to have much influence"

Then further down you say "Talking to people, even politically moderate friends"

There's a well know quote which goes "Every Little Helps"

If you convince one person, and they speak to another, the message will spread.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

W42: As you say you talk to people - that is enough to spread the word. Do keep it up.

m/dave: good comment!

Woodsy42 said...

Of course microdave, and WfW, we should all do what we can to help spread the ideas. And indeed to use every available opportunity to throw sand into the state control machinery. I have adoped that as a way of life for a while :-)
It's the sheer scale of the problem that is depressing.