Sunday, 9 January 2011

Pause for thought

The media, 'acceptable' bloggers, opinion pollsters and the 'left-twitterati' are working themsleves into a frenzy over the possible results for the forthcoming by-election at Oldham East & Saddleworth.

Exactly what the hell is all this about? We are all know that it is extremely rare for a 'sitting government' to win a by-election - I believe the last time this happened was in Micham & Morden, yonks ago - but it does make good 'copy' where the media et all are concerned!

Where is the outcry and investigative journalism about the 'facile' European Union Bill; the loss of the UK's sovereignty; the paucity of the Coalition's policies; MP's apparent acceptance of 'party before country'; the 'facade' of quango cuts; the fact there is no discernable difference twixt the Lib/Lab/Con; the wastage of public money introducing renewable energy; the loss of hundred of years of UK 'independence'; etc, etc.

Leaving to one side the media who it is believed are, metaphorically or otherwise, in the pocket of politicians, the most important deficit is the outcry - most noticeable by its absence - from those we supposedly elect to safeguard the independence of our nation?

We have indeed hit rockbottom, democratically, when the financial well-being of those we elect is more important to them than the well-being of the nation they are supposed to defend!

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