Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Journalism? Where?

Mary Riddell has her usual op-ed piece in today's Daily Telegraph, written in her normal, servile style in order that she does not impair her 'standing' with Clegg, Miliband or the other party leader clown, Cameron.

Newspapers do their readership a disservice whilst they allow 'supposed' journalists to write puerile, factually incorrect articles, such as Riddell's today. This article is on a par with that of Boris Johnson's yesterday, one that Richard North, EU Referendum, justifiably tore to pieces.

Regular readers will, I trust, forgive me for repetition, but it is something that needs saying again and again. It really is incredible that journalists continue to wax on and on about the status of Clegg, MilibandE and Cameron within their respective parties; and the results of opinion polls which show Labour with a 5/8 point lead, when there are far more important matters worthy of their attention.

For example, yesterday we learnt that our nation's debt hit the £1trillion level - a figure that does not include all the 'off-balance sheet' items like pensions and PFI; that the EU is calling for a further £1.9billion increase in funding for their Galileo satellite system, a sum which will have to come from taxpayers in the EU; that questions should be raised by the public apparently supporting a party that just 9 months ago was held responsible for the parlous state of our economy; and that we are still governed by a system that relies on power resting with those we do not elect, yet those we do elect have no power.

As a result of the MSM failing to provide an acceptable level of 'service', is it any wonder that the public act as though they are deaf, dumb and blind to what is happening around them and in their name. This can, most likely, be laid at the door of our politicians, who appear to suffer from those same afflictions.


Goodnight Vienna said...

I think Riddell was recruited from the Mirror or some such place. If I'm right it goes to explain why there's as little difference in news reporting as there is between the three Parties. We're in a de facto one-Party state.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Hello GV, So from the pits of journalism to the pits of journalism then?

Yup, your right, we are indeed in a one-party state, so much so that even Stalin would be envious!

Voyager said...

Riddell is from The Guardian having joined Barclay Broadsheet from The Observer in 2007.

She is hopeless but so is MSM. Newspapers should be free, let the PR firms pay to give them away

Goodnight Vienna said...

Thanks Voyager - from the Mirror to the Guardian is only a notch :-)

Lurch said...

I never read Riddell's piece. If I wanted to read a load of Fabian bollocks I'd buy the Guardian.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Voyager: either way GV was correct. Mirror/Guardian, there is a difference?

Lurch: As with above Guardian/Telegraph, there is a difference?