Monday, 24 January 2011


The Bill of Rights 1688 is still in force today, from which I quote:
"By Levying Money for and to the Use of the Crowne by pretence of Prerogative for other time and in other manner then the same was granted by Parlyament."
On the subject of the "Eurozone Bail-out", quite apart from the whole subject having any connection with British taxpayers, any "deal" negotiated by Darling, or any other government representative - and with the tacit approval and/or agreement of a representative of an in-coming government - is illegal is it not?

How can a levy of funds be made on our nation, especially by a foreign body, if said levy has not previously been agreed by our Parliament?

So, contrary to what Hague assured the House of Commons, Parliament is not sovereign. Don't recall this small point being raised by any of our supposedly Eurosceptic MPs - or did I blink and miss it?  Perhaps Douglas Carswell, for example, can enlighten those who admire his anti-EU credentials, but are constantly puzzled by his failure to apply constitutional law.

Just asking DC, just asking.........


William said...

Anything legal is only legal up until a Parliament of lawyers decides its illegal.
The majority of legal shit is unlawful. Go figure!

Woodsy42 said...

What gets me WfW is why a fake charity can go to court and fight a grant cut yet nobody wants to go to court to fight something outrageous like our illegal EU payments.
Is it a case of not being organised or do we simply lack any anti-EU millionaires with a will for a fight?

Anonymous said...

From various HoC debates, I get the impression that the eurorealists are of the opinion that there comes a point where, having ceded a drip, drip, drip of power to the EU, that we can't be sure whether or not we are a sovereign nation.

On the other hand, we are sovereign if we declare ourselves to be sovereign, regardless of how much debt we have. Iceland appears to be a case in point.

The trick is having the will, the balls and the strategy to make it so, when challenged.

On that last point ...

WitteringsfromWitney said...

William: Have already gone and figured!

Woodsy: We lack, other than Stuart Wheeler, the requisite anti-EU millionaires. Notably, last night in the HoC Lidington passed the buck on the question whether legal aid could be used.

Fausty: "On the last point...." Exactly!