Saturday, 22 January 2011

The indoctrination of the emergency services

Matthew Norman has a comment piece in today's Daily Telegraph which is well worth a read, if only for the humour utilised, whilst also highlighting the bureaucratic mess in which the emergency services work.
"As a vignette of an insanely risk-averse culture, however, in which alleged public servants take magisterial umbrage at people's refusal to over-react with the lachrymose hysteria of an X Factor reject, and even attempt to criminalise them for their calm unconcern, it leaves a slightly more toxic taste in the mouth than any fumes from that melted mirror."
It would be interesting to know why the mother and baby went to hospital - was this as a result of an order on the part of one of the emergency services? And why so, when the ambulance crew had certified all as in good health? If so, when were the emergency services given the authority to "order" a parent to do anything? Was a record of "Red Adair's" "sarcastic" comments made and if so why was this not reported to the hierarchy of the fire brigade?

Give some people a uniform - or allow them to become a politician - and..................!


Raedwald said...

Yes, very worrying; reading between the lines, one suspects the mother's sensible giving way to their irrational concerns saved the family from much worse - with the child on the Child Protection Register, and any future bruise from playing the signal to seize the child from the family and imprison it in State care.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

R: Agreed, but why don't people rebel? Have we been turned into submissive slaves?

Until people start using the word 'No' politicos will continue to exert their will.