Monday, 31 January 2011

Someone please answer this?

Those of us who hark back to the old days, who are accused of having a sentimental attitude - nay, even a nationalistic attitude - to the problems we are presently experiencing, are accused of living in the past and are told that "those days are over". But I have to ask: are they? Is it not right to wish to preserve a society, country and traditions for which people, holding those beliefs, have fought wars to preserve - and more than once?

Why are there cemeteries in other countries commemorating the ultimate sacrifice that men and women of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth have paid in order to preserve a way of life for which the United Kingdom was held to be a shining example? Ask yourself: why would those, from what was a another country, come to fight for a 'foreign' land? They could hardly be called mercenaries. Should all that be forgotten, purely on the whim of those who wish to denigrate that history and in so doing impose on us a society and governance which is totally alien to our inherent beliefs?

What do the younger generation know of that past and ultimate sacrifice when it is no longer taught in our schools? Should it not be taught in order that those who will inherit the place we presently occupy in this nation - a once proud nation - realise from whence came their heritage as a free people? Is there not a contradiction, come Remembrance Sunday, when those who pretend to be the leaders of our nation parade before the Cenotaph in order to lay wreaths to honour those who paid that ultimate sacrifice, whilst at the same time undoing all that the deceased laid down their lives to preserve?

I have heard it said that wars can be forgotten, that past differences can be forgotten for the common good, to enable the people of different lands to live in peace and harmony - but wars cannot be forgotten. The question of why those wars were fought will never be forgotten, however much the political elite try. The political elite cannot rewrite history unless they first 'kill' a human trait, the thirst for knowledge - as knowledge encompasses history.

Regardless of what they may say, it is believed that all politicians have a hidden agenda; one that includes personal power and personal advancement which necessarily includes personal wealth; an agenda - unforeseen by them due to their disregard of history - which ultimately has resulted in the downfall of all tyrants through the ages, be they democratically elected or self-appointed. The fact that politicians repeatedly inform us that they are elected to represent us and that they act for the general good of our country has been shown to be a scam - a scam inflicted on us and for which we, the people, have fallen time and time again.

That the United Kingdom as a country has been emasculated beyond all recognition to those who know its history, is without question an undeniable fact. That those responsible are those who have perpetrated - and continue to perpetrate - the scam in which they have a vested interest is likewise without question an undeniable fact. That the indigenous people of the United Kingdom are becoming increasing bewildered, asking themselves how the present state of affairs has come about, is also without question an undeniable fact. To those bewildered one can only suggest, to quote from the film "V for Vengeance", that they look in a mirror.

Now to my question: Are we who ask for a change to our democratic system; who yearn for the return of total self-governance for this nation of ours; who wish to recreate the era when our country really was "Great" - are we wasting our time and effort? Are we "dinosaurs" whose days really are over?


subrosa said...

My days are certainly not over WfW - not until I take my last breath.

We can't give up. That's exactly what is wanted and I've always refused to submit to intimidation.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Rhetorical question on my part, SR.

I have no intention of conceding defeat either, but sometimes I do wonder........

Anonymous said...

No, it is our Country, it does not belong to our politicians, no way, not ever. They really do need to fear the People, they are the servants.


NewsboyCap said...


Great,Great post,have sent this to my MP.
I do not expect a reply, he never does, but perhaps he will realise the contempt in which 'they' are held.
I wish I could write as powerfully as you do,there must be a way to get yours and other blogger's message to the masses,other than t'internet and word of mouth.
I fear for the future generations.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Derek: Agreed!

NC: You are most kind with your praise - wish I could agree with you!

Jacobite said...

Excellent post. In answer to your question those of us who are awake to what is going on must never give up ,this is what they are striving for through the dumbing down of education and continuous lies and brainwashing. Knowing our history especially if members of your familly paid the ultimate sacrifice can be a painfull experience when you see our ruling elite trashing the demacrocy that they fought for.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

J: Kind thanks to you too! As you say it is those who did lose family fighting for this country who must be the most upset at where our country now is.

James Higham said...

Agreed and in some societies, the elders are revered and pass on the folklore. Here, the elders are marginalized and the 20 and 30 something feminists et al pass on the wisdom to the next generation.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

JH: Nice comment and the point contained in your second sentence is so true - unfortunately!

paul said...

To your question I say this: freedom is a state of being that transcends time. Any time in which we were more free (a thing that IS quantifiable) seems like a golden age because inherent in freedom is prosperity, rule of law, and good society. When you long for a new golden age, you are not being "a dinosaur" and looking back for a certain set of circumstances, but longing for the state of being for which you are designed - freedom - and all that pertains to it.

When a Progressive tells you that you are a dinosaur it is because a) they are a politician who doesn't want you to have rights and liberty so that they can be your lord and master, and b) they are a know-it-all yuppy sycophant or compartmentalised corporate lackey who is doing quite well off all the corruption.

Progressivism dogmatically sees change as good, and opponents of "change for changes sake" as bad, and so even if it we live in a sh*te-hole, the Progressive (living in a gated community, btw) never sees past his ideology.

Anonymous said...

Any good craftsman knows that the methods used for carrying out a task have been arrived at through trial and error; I believe that it is the same with government/democracy.

Some may want a republic in an EU federal superstate, but do it democratically; stand on my doorstep and tell me that.

As far as I can see, what we had worked, why destroy it in the cowardly manner in which they're doing it.

One other thing (sorry) but if we have been such monsters in the past, and if our way of life is so abominable - how come everybody wants to live in our country (apart from dole, free housing, health care ....)

Anonymous said...

This huge disconnect we now have between the politicians, the media on one hand and ordinary working people means that we are ruled over not represented.

The last time the majority of working people were disconnected and disqualified in this way a great movement rose up to fill the chasm - the Labour party.

Isn't it time for a new party, preferably one without hatred and bile, to represent ordinary people..

People who right now have no representation.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

P/BJ/Anonymous: All three of you make powerful points and all three contributions should be noted by those presently in power.

There will be change and it will be messy and a lot of those in power will suffer - trust me.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

We are not dinosaurs and our day is not over.

Nothing is inevitable, and anything can be done: the reason some things happen, and others stop happening, is that those who wish the things to happen are more powerful than those who do not - it's as simple as that.

We heard a lot about historical inevitability during the Cold War; remember how socialism was the future, freedom was the past, get used to it, move on, you've had your day, etc?

Then came Maggie and Ronnie, and look what happened.

Just now, the EU leaders have the confidence, the power, and the security.

It won't last.

It never does.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

WY: Then the sooner we get the new version of Maggie and Ronnie the better!