Saturday, 15 January 2011

And just where is the outcry from our elected?

Christopher Booker writes once again, in his Sunday Telegraph column, on the 'questionable' actions by Social Services in respect of a mother and her baby. I believe we can discount one commenter's views - unless of course he has some medical qualification relevant to the case?

This article by Booker is but one of a series, over the past months, detailing an almost 'Stalanist' attitude adopted by Social Services and it is not surprising that our 'elected' have appeared to remain mute on the subject - they have, after all, far more important matters with which to turn their attention - such as expenses; inconsequential by-election results; making sure they get 'noticed' at PMQs; obeying their Whips instructions when passing through the voting lobbies, etc etc.

MPs, in general, are indeed a despicable class apart!

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