Saturday, 29 January 2011

Melissa Kite: A vision of loveliness with flaxen hair - or

Just a dumb blonde? Or a woman just flying one?

The reason I ask is that Melissa, who presumably wishes to be known as a member of the journalistic profession, writes an article in the Sunday Telegraph which poses the question whether Cameron will allow the House of Lords to 'talk out' the AV Bill or whether, as he reputedly threatens, he will implement the 'guillotine'.

Amongst the chauvinistic section of the male it is held that women will never achieve parity as they lack the brain power that such men believe they, as men, have. This is not a view that I hold as I have met many women who could 'run rings' round Cameron intellectually - mind you, as Cameron does not appear to be a 'man' in the accepted sense that men 'believe', it could be argued that I am elevating young Melissa to a level she does not deserve.

This last opinion is formed by the view that if Cameron is 'hard-nosed' enough to limit the debate on a fundamental democratic question such as that posed by the European Union Bill, why would he hesitate to force a decision from the House of Lords - which begs the question why Melissa did not 'pick this up'?

This 'journalist', who one would presume considers herself a 'pro', sorry, professional, not only fails to mention that point, but also writes:
"The issue feeds into wider concerns about the sort of government this is turning out to be. Mr Cameron faces opposition over rushed plans to sell off forests and there is growing disquiet over proposals from nowhere to give prisoners the vote."
Surely Melissa, being a professional journalist and as such one who keeps abreast of modern developments and therefore knows the subject about which she writes, would be well aware that proposals for giving prisoners the vote did not come 'from nowhere'? 

What is even more disquietening - and shows up the paucity of journalistic standards - is the following passage of her article:
"This is about power,” said one senior Tory insider. “Cameron knows that if he doesn’t get these boundary changes through the Tory Party might never win a general election outright again. Labour knows that if the changes do go through they might never win again. This is about power and the pursuit of power."
Here we have confirmation that two political parties are 'fighting' to maintain their stranglehold on the reins of power, at the expense of the people, yet a journalist cannot be bothered, or does not possess the professional integrity, to even mention this fact?

We have truly plumbed the depths of the journalistic profession if this young lady is an example - and which is probably the reason for the fall in the sales of what was once a 'quality newspaper' if she is emblematic of their journalistic staff!


James Higham said...

Melissa Kite: A vision of loveliness with flaxen hair - or
Just a dumb blonde? Or a woman just flying one?

All three?

Fay said...

I like Melissa in the Spectator and I do know I rely on journos such as JDelingpole, EdWest, TYoung etc to keep me well informed also good Aussie journos. They do have a big responsibility to research well because how else are to know how much our leaders are selling us out.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

JH: Quite possibly!

Fay: Dellers and West are a class apart - unforunately Kite is in a class of many!