Thursday, 13 January 2011

The deluded mind of the Belgian midget

Herman Van Rompuy has been speaking in London at the EU's London base, Europe House, on the subject of "2011 Challenges for the EU" and his speech can be read here. I understand from Gawain Towler that the following Q&A session was filmed and will be available shortly and when it is I will add it as an update to this post.

Just two examples of this deluded thinking:
"In Europe our geographical proximity, our economic, ecological and indeed political interdependence has been enhanced - voluntarily!.........."
Not in this country it hasn't! It obviously hasn't penetrated the mind of this midget that the UK would leave this afternoon, if that were possible.
"Common environmental standards are more effective, as pollution doesn't stop at boundaries. Our common competition policy has protected consumers from national monopolies and multinational companies alike, perhaps most visible in the airline market where cheaper flights have enabled millions to enjoy European holidays."
We are well aware that pollution knows no boundaries from our experience of the political pollution, which has emanated from Brussels, we have suffered since 1972. It is also arguable that cheaper air fares were driven by consumer demand, thus facilitating the creation of EasyJet and Ryanair - and not from any EU leadership.

To quote IanPJ on Politics, on Twitter:
"I hope that Van Rompuy realises that we Brits do not fear him, do not want him, we despise him and what he stands for, despite our MPs treason."
History has shown that through the centuries we Brits have what one might call a certain expertise in kicking 'Continental Arse' and we are quite prepared to do it again - they will just have to hang on a tad while we kick a few arses in our own country first!


Edward Spalton said...


Our subjection to the EU is not inflicted on us by Mr.van Rompuy or Brussels bureaucrats. It is entirely voluntary, agreed by our democratically elected representatives of parties which we, as a people, continue to elect.

Being nasty about Mr. Rumpy Pumpy or headlines such as "Up your, Delors" make us feel better but achieve nothing. The villains are home grown, look like us and talk like us.

Fifteen or so years ago I made a suggestion to UKIP and other colleagues that we should identify these people in our respective areas and expose them at every opportunity until they became objects of social opprobrium. People were horrified. That was a very nasty un-British thing to suggest.

Just think how upset MPs and their wives were when people started giving them a piece of their mind over the expenses fiddle. They didn't like it and not a few decided to leave Parliament because they could not stand that sort of pressure.

The expenses scandal was utterly trivial compared what they have done to us in the EU.

What do people think now?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Edward S: Accepted that our subjugation is self-inflicted!

Your suggestions have been taken on board and as it happens am seeing NF Saturday and will on pass!

Re Rompuy: no harm in letting the miniscule prat know what I think....../