Sunday, 30 January 2011

Egypt - and Hague

Alerted by this, which leads to this. From the latter we learn:
"He said that the UK was, “in favour of greater freedom and democracy, of a more open and flexible political system............."
Prior to urging another nation to do what is considered right in the name of democracy, it is a great pity that Hague and the government of which he is a member do not practise at home what they wish to export! 

Just a thought.....................


The Talking Clock said...

A thought shared by many of us who can spot a hypocrite from forty paces, WfW.

Oi, Hague-boy... when's the EU referendum so we can free ourselves of the great treachery?

subrosa said...

When I heard Hague spout that WfW, I thought Mrs Clinton had been on the telephone to him.

TomTom said...

Hague has always been renta-mouth available for hire, master of platitude, uttering twaddle. Britain is irrelevant and has a Foreign Secretary as supine and commercially-available as Germany has.

Hague did not join The Magdalen Machine for anything but self-interest

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TTC/SR/TT: I think we need a bit of regime change here!