Sunday, 30 January 2011

Communitarianism - and d'Ancona can't see it 'cause he is politically blind!

My previous post poured scorn on "the girl with the flaxen hair", aka Melissa Kite. In the interests of fairness - and to exhibit, at least as far as the PC brigade are concerned, this blog's wish to adhere to the philosophy of 'equality' - I now turn to yet another example of 'shining journalism', as demonstrated by Matthew d'Ancona with his op-ed piece in tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph.

Commenting on Cameron's reading of Seth Godin's (and just who the hell has heard of him?) theory, called "The Dip", d'Ancona writes (if that is the correct term):
"Now, four years on, safely installed in Number 10, but at the helm of a government still in its infancy..."
I firstly have to ask what government is it that Cameron is supposedly at the helm of? Cameron can't even issue a statement on the situation in Egypt without 'back-up' of other leaders within the European Union. Cameron is no more head of a government than the Pope is head of the Anglican church - rather, he is in charge of an administrative region of the European Union!

One can only presume that d'Ancona, asked for xxx words, or maybe xxxx words, by some stroke of luck or good fortune, managed to combine them into 12 paragraphs of 'drivel'. d'Ancona may point out that neither Rome (nor Davos) was built in a day, yet fails to mention that Cameron adheres to a belief that an institution created within the last 70 years should replace hundreds of year of democracy - a democracy which this country has fought to preserve on more than one occasion and may well have to do so again.

For d'Ancona to write about the Big Society and that:
"......the sheer scale of the idea is both its greatest asset and its greatest liability....."
without acknowledging, as I have pointed out in a previous post, that it was not actually Cameron's idea but more a case of pre-empting a forthcoming EU 'incentive', hardly does his journalistic credentials much credit. The "Big Society", as envisaged by Cameron, is no more than communitarianism as it is an attempt to balance individual rights and interests within Britain as a whole and thereby shape the cultures and values of the people. It is but another form of social engineering incorporating, as d'Ancona writes, yet more layers of bureaucracy coming between the individual citizen and the bureaucracy of town hall or Whitehall - something we need like we need another hole in our head.

The European Union is communitarianism personified, in that it also intends changing people with differing views and traditions to conform to a 'one size fits all' set of values and life, thereby also being guilty of social engineering. We in Britain are continually being told that membership of the European Union is about trade, yet I have yet to hear one politician offer a convincing argument why it is necessary, in order to trade, that we should submit to ever closer political union - however, I have digressed from the subject of Matthew d'Ancona......

The MSM is the means whereby the people of this country are kept informed of events, political and otherwise. While so-called 'journalists' write 'puff' articles purely to gain favour with the political elite it only allows that political elite to continue with their plans, unchallenged. Until the press in this country employ people worthy of the description "journalist", that profession will remain a joke - as is d'Ancona.


James Higham said...

Oh, d'Ancona's more than blind - he's part of it.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

JH: Accepted - thought you knew.