Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A May general election?

Highly unlikely for the reasons Iain Martin gives.
"The last thing in the world David Cameron wants now or before 2014-15 is a general election. He failed to win the last one, even though he was up against Tom Watson’s friend Gordon Brown, and Cameron hates, absolutely hates, any mention or reminder of that fact. He loves being prime minister, loves the fruits of office and loves the coalition. The deal with the Lib Dems protects him — for now — from the Tory right wing that he detests."
Far be it for me to deny a man hearing something he apparently hates, therefore:

Mr. Cameron, as a result of your lying, deceit and inability to provide clear-cut policies that your party members - and your potential voters - wished to see and hear, you 'Blue' it! You were totally 'Green' in strategy, 'Yellow' in strategic resolve and could only see 'Red' in the hatred of your own right wing membership. In fact, it could be said that the only colour you did not exhibit in either policy or during your campaign was 'Blue'!

So, whose a silly boy then?


Voyager said...

Cameron and fellow Princelings have made a mess. Clear leadership is absent and the sense of Brideshead Reborn is everywhere especially as the Geddes Axe MkII seems to give favour to those like Geddes who have large bonuses to pronounce on public sector pay.

Lest we forget >21000 pa and NO pay increase for 2 years as living costs rise and bankers are shielded.

I don't see May elections but winter ones, after more student riots and the police killing a few sparking civil revolt. I really see the folly of putting these clowns in charge of the Conservative Party as being its destruction.

As for Bob Diamond. In Texas hatred of New York banks was still evident in the 1980s for what they had done in the 1930s. Expect this to be a source of violent disorder here now that politics has failed to lance the boil.

Jonathan Stuart-Brown said...

No punches pulled in this eloquent post.
My view is that bloggers (natural and prolific writers) pre-internet often became novelists like Freddie Forsyth or John Grisham weaving vital research on their specialist field inside a thriller genre (or whatever). Many were best sellers, then TV dramas or films reaching the masses (with at least some of their knowledge).
If Dr Helen Szamuely, Dr Richard A E North, Autonomous Mind, your good self or other bloggers found time to write novels (and submit to agents or publishers) then this is another way to outflank the msn gatekeepers and news editors in TV and radio.
Alternatively befriend and brief any celeb who can get mass media attention for some of your material.
Winning a war sometimes means outflanking your opponent.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Voyager: As ever your comments are worth reading and I thank you for your time spent reading this blog.

JSB: (forgive the abbreviation - less typing) You are very kind, however on a personal note I would decline the suggestion of writing a book - I am not the wordsmith that those other mention are.

You suggestion though is worth of consideration, although RN is already quite prolific in the book market!

Anonymous said...

I do so like that description of Cameron and clique, excellent wordplay.


WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anonymous (Derek): Thanks!