Thursday, 20 January 2011

To paraphrase the song, what do you do.......

With a problem like the European Union or immigration?

The European Union - aka "The elephant in the room" - grows ever larger in our lives, much to the disgust of the political elite who don't wish to discuss the subject. Unfortunately for them, lately, the subject just will not die a death.

There are articles in the Daily Telegraph on Britain facing fines and having to undergo what can only be termed the disgrace of having its budget "vetted" - ok, that last item has been blogged before as we are all aware. The Daily Express reports on Peter Bone's attempt to have the European Union Bill amended with a view to increasing the chances of a referendum on Britain's membership, with a "leader article" repeating the call for such a referendum. Even the FT chips in with an article on the potential fines that may be levied.

The "fines" problem can be separated into two fields; one for mismanagement of EU subsidies and the other relating to potential fines for local authorities for incorrect "air issues" and "recycling rates". On that last point the reaction of Lady Eaton, Chair of the Local Government Authority is purely as a result the Coalition "passing the buck" for payment. Her "solution" to the potential problem whereby Council Tax must increase or cuts made to the provision of services to the elderly, I find disgusting. This is but a form of blackmail, or spin, with a view to "frightening" the public and an attempt to coerce the government to change its policy.No doubt it never crossed the tiny brain - that must suffer from a sense of lonliness in the space she calls her head - to even consider possibly cutting the "jobsworths" that inflate a local authority's wages bill!

Then we come to the subject of immigation and the reported content of a speech Baroness Warsi is reputedly to deliver this evening. Both Ed West and Norman Tebbit post on this, the latter who ends his brief, but pointed criticism, suggesting that a period of silence from Warsi would not go amiss. This entire problem encapsulating the "clash of religous beliefs" has been created by the practice of "social engineering" in which all political parties have taken part, in one form or another; and in which the only people to have suffered are the indigenous population.

It must be logical - although involving politicians, probably that is a misuse of the word "logical" - that to mix two or more races can only cause tension, especially when the immigrant race will not accept the social "laws" of the host people. Therein lies, on my opinion, the probably cause for the downfall of the European Union. To attempt to create "one people" will take so many generations to accomplish that the project must fail in the meantime as it is impossible to "kill"the instinct of "nationalism in the time that it would take to breed that out.

The "Muslim" problem is far from "finished" I would suggest - and reputed comments by the like of Warsi do not help. It would be no surprise were the UK to see events, in thre months ahead, that would put the "Brixton Riots" in the shade.

But, hey-ho, no doubt our politicos will invent yet another law in the hope it will solve the problem!

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