Sunday, 16 January 2011

Political principles

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have posted many times on the subjects of political honesty, principles, democratic dictatorship and political selfishness. Most recently I ranted against our elected elite who seem more interested in their own remuneration than the plight of children and families, the latter encapsulating the misery caused by our social services.

Yet again we have two more examples of what might be termed disdain towards the people, one by David Cameron and the other by Ed Miliband. Autonomous Mind posts on the first and links to this story in the Mail-on-line which relates the rather dictatorial attitude of David Cameron. James Kirkup posts on a contradiction by Ed Miliband who, on the Andrew Marr show this morning, denied he had ever accused the Coalition of being guilty of causing a double-dip recession - in proof of that contradiction Kirkup links to this entry on MiliE's blog.

Cameron obviously believes that it is quite acceptable to override the wishes of the people and Miliband that it is acceptable to lie to the people. I can but repeat a previous cri de coeur and ask just who the hell do these men think they are? Have they forgotten that it is the people they are supposed to represent, that it is the people who provide them with their remuneration, expenses and all the other trappings of power which they so obviously enjoy?

The likes of Autonomous Mind, IanPJ on Politics, Richard North (EUReferendum) and many, many others too numerous to mention, all write on the democratic deficits to which the people suffer, deficits imposed on them by those they have elected. Yet still the people do not listen - either by choice or they do not understand the ramifications of the loss of their democratic rights. The reason for the latter may well be the supine and government posterior-licking attitude of the MSM, who only report - and in an acceptable manner, as far as their political masters are concerned - that which they decide is newsworthy. Witness the fact that, other than what are supposed to be humorous articles by sketch writers, the happenings in parliament are no longer factually reported - something for which the Daily Telegraph could at one time be relied upon. Not everyone has an internet connection to read Hansard and neither is everyone sufficiently 'sad' to watch the Parliament channel on tv.

When I propose the idea that the only method by which the people can rid themselves of those that practice democratic dictatorship is by 'direct' action, I am reprimanded with cries of no, no, it must be accomplished by means of the ballot box. It is becoming more and more apparent, with every passing day in which the elected elite continue along their merry way of ignoring those to whom they owe a duty, that our elected elite may well only realise the error of their ways when the noose begins tightening around their necks!

It is also reasonable to include members of the MSM amongst those for whom the hemp and lamp post beckon, purely for their lack of advising the people of that which is being done in their name.


Autonomous Mind said...

Thank you as always for the kind link!

WitteringsfromWitney said...

My pleasure AM!

Anonymous said...

The "Ballot Box" is as useful as a chocolate fireguard or indeed as parliament. Total waste of money. But let's see, governments do not have any money, there only money is what they steal from us. Interesting, I seem to recall a Monarch being deposed for wanting money without asking parliament!