Sunday, 23 January 2011

Gender & equality in representation

There have been calls amongst politicans - and some 'crats, funded by government - that equality of gender representation should be seen in all levels in the workplace, be that at manual or board level.

It has been said that the greatest politician never to hold the office of Prime Minister was "Rab" Butler, yet I maintain that honour goes to Enoch Powell. To those that propose the idea mentioned in the preceding paraghraph, I can but quote Enoch Powell:
"What sort of society is it, and what state of mind is it, to which it appears desireable or even rational to attempt to impose equality by compulsion where society is most profoundly differentiated? Equalities of economic opportunity for those offering equal prospects and equal reward for equal performance already exist. They are maintained freely and automatically by the force of mutual advantage and the operation of the market. Law and compulsion have to be brought in only where it is desired to prevent equal opportunity and reward for equal prospects and performance. If in any particular employment women give the same overall performance as men, it is impossible for them to long to be remunerated at a lower rate."*
Which sort of knocks "seven bells" out of this load of  waffle recently released by the European Union!

So to all those proposing, campaigning and legislating for all this equality and diversity "claptrap" I can only suggest: end of discussion!

* Quoted from Simon Heffer's biography of Enoch Powell: "Like the Roman" (page 676).


Anonymous said...

Is it not the case that the local councils and civil service together provide by far the greatest economic gender discrimination of their workers in our society?

They may witter for all they are worth but to the extent they intend to clean up a mess that exists principally in their own house then you can be sure they will be unsuccessful

DAD said...

Bravo ! At last I have found a companion who writes praise of Enoch Powell.

If only the politicians had listened to him, we would not have joined the EEC (now EU) nor would we have the high levels of immigration the the last 30 years have seen.

If only......

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anon: That is probably true, but private enterprise is also subject, or 'they' would like to make them subject to, all this equality and diversity claptrap.

DAD: Always have been a disciple of Enoch!