Saturday, 22 January 2011

Save us from Geoffrey Lean - please?

Geoffrey Lean has his usual 'Saturday' article in today's edition of the Daily Telegraph, which at first glance seemed of interest - until that is I got to the end of paragraph one! Basically a rant against Cameron's dictatorial attitude, Lean then promptly complains about the arbitrary power grab from environmental bodies, quoting Prof Tom Burke - a most apt surname, as it happens - who was a close advisor to three successive Conservative environment secretaries in the 1990s:
"In nearly 40 years of observing government, I have never seen an effort to steal power from Parliament and the public on such a colossal scale."
One has to wonder where this "Burke" has been since 1972 when the stealing of power from Parliament and the public first began - or is this matter only important when it concerns the 'mentalists ability to peddle their own unproven science?

In fact if Geoffrey Lean wishes to complain about arbitrary powers, one has to ask where he was when the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act was introduced in 2006, an act which gave ministers unrivalled power? Oh, wait............... Like the aforementioned "Burke", it appears that Geoffrey Lean does not mind his country being constitutionally raped, but heaven help anyone who wishes to touch his beloved environmentalism.

Writing about those public bodies that are being allowed to survive for the present - what Lean calls "the list of the living dead" - are names like Natural England, the Environment Agency and the Committee on Climate Change. Perhaps the list of the living dead should also have included the names of Cameron, Huhne, Burke and Lean?

Just suggesting, like.


john in cheshire said...

Burke and Lean. I wish I could make a joke using their names which includes something about body snatchers, lol.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jic: Keep thinking, it cant be too difficult?