Saturday, 8 January 2011

Politico's Diktation

A war of words broke out earlier today between Tom Harris MP and AmbushPredator, IanPJ on Politics, obotheclown, Flo-Tom, timwhale, AlJahom, myself and others at the suggestion by Tom Harris that Freedom of Information requests should be chargeable. He argued that the cost of research and collation of the information was expensive, although failed to answer why (a) a fee should be paid for information that should already be in the public domain; and (b) that failure to publish was not a ploy to hide information. He also states, quite categorically, that charging will come and reminds his twitter followers that they first heard it from him. Tom Harris has, generally, been accepted as one of the more saner members of the Labour MadHatters Party so his suggestion was met with complete incredulity.

Politicians seem determined to ensure that the public only learn what they, the politicians, want us to know and the suggestion by Tom Harris is no more than an extension to a form of state censorship that already exists. When one also considers that there is very little aspect of our lives that is not dictated by central government this latest suggestion hardly comes as a surprise. We, as supposedly free people, are 'granted' various freedoms by our political elite, yet each freedom is subject to the control of government, who have the ability to 'tweak' those freedoms at will and for their own benefit.

Those who hold to conspiracy theories - for example, that evil lurks within Common Purpose and Bilderbergers - believe that politicians both at national and local level have a hidden agenda. Much of what has befallen our nation can be laid at the door of the European Union and our membership of that body. Our Exchequer is empty and its reputation shot to hell and back; our lands have been sold in the political sense, as have our assets; resulting in our nation being broken both financially and politically. Because of our politicians being only too willing to use membership of the European Union as a means to engage in a little 'social engineering' we have now had the demographic make-up of our nation changed. To use 'IT' terminology we have 'Trojans' within our midst and these worms - be they EU officials, home-grown political quislings, or immigrants bent on changing our nation - have only one aim which is the total destruction of the United Kingdom.

We have politicans who give not a damn about our nation, their responsibilities, their principles and morals and appear to be only interested in their personal standing and way of life.To those politicians who are content with the situation outlined in the third paragraph, I have only contempt. If I am unable to outlast them, thus enabling me to spit on their grave, rest assured that I will ensure the Gates to Hell are locked!

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