Sunday, 9 January 2011

Things are hotting up - not!

Christopher Booker is in his usual fine form, with his latest article in today's Sunday Telegraph, castigating - and rightly so - the Met Office. His article speaks for itself, thus further comment from me would be superfluous.*

Yet again we see the effects of dogma reigning supreme over common sense - the latter sorely missing in politics today. Having said that, when dogma reigns supreme, logic and facts are of no consequence to the political mind. This mindless adherence to the unproven science by which the climate change lobby are dictating political policy making can only lead to ruin where our nation's ability to generate sufficient energy in order to 'keep the lights on' is concerned. As a result we have the ludicrous policy of generating 30% of our electricity by 2020, at an annual cost of £18billion, from a system that is unable to operate on days when the wind doesn't blow. As with all Ponzi schemes, the only beneficiaries are those taking part, with the bill having to be picked up by the users. If it is necessary, which it is, to provide 'back-up' sources of energy then logic would dictate that those methods are the ones to use in any event, thus allowing the uneconomical method to be dumped.

Of course, the real reason for following this mad-cap scheme of generating electricity from renewables is dictated by our membership of the European Union, as is so much else. Witness, as just one example, the suspension of 'innocent until proven guilty' in our judicial system with the enforced 'acceptance' of the European Arrest Warrant. More importantly, it is only necessary to refer to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) and look at the competences that are either exclusive to the EU, shared with Member States, or in which the EU can 'intervene' (Articles 3 to 6 inclusive) to realize that there is very little affecting our lives that remains our prerogative when it comes to law making. 

To illustrate the futility of our present government's desire to show that they do indeed govern our nation, it is also only necessary to look at the European Union Bill which is being 'presented' to the people of our nation as their chance to veto any further transfers of power to Brussels. Now consider the history of referendums held within those Member States whose constitution demands referenda on sovereignty. Yup, you guessed - were we to be 'allowed' such a referendum and one which resulted in a 'NO' vote, we would no doubt have to go through the process again in order to get the 'right' result, namely one that was acceptable to the European Union!

Yet still our policicians would have us believe they govern our nation!

* With apologies to Richard North, but I have been out from midday and have only just returned home!


microdave said...

"Of course, the real reason for following this mad-cap scheme of generating electricity from renewables is dictated by our membership of the European Union"

Funny (or rather, it's not) how Germany is hastily building new coal fired power stations, as wind has proven to be too unreliable...

WitteringsfromWitney said...

m/dave: Yup saw that story - unfortunately too late was it that I thought of a suitable pun to use in the post - never mind!