Friday, 21 January 2011


The media, blogosphere and twitterati are in a "feeding frenzy" about the resignation of Andy Coulson, Blair's appearance at the Chilcot Inquiry and to a lesser extent the resignation of Alan Johnson, coupled with the appointment of Ed Balls to the position of Shadow Chancellor. Peter Oborne has the op-ed piece in today's Daily Telegraph on the Warsi speech.

When we elect politicians who are venal; whose only expertise is one of possessing almost total ignorance;  who are content to hand our nation's right of self-government - without their people's consent - to an unelected "foreign" body; who have practised social-engineering to the extent that our nation's society has been changed beyond all recognition; I am at a loss to understand all the incredulity that is being expressed. When also considering the amount of money "wasted" with the funding of special advisors; "fake" charities and quangos; overseas aid; integrating those into our society who have no wish to integrate - to name but a few examples - I am even more at a loss to understand all the incredulity being expressed.

There is a great deal wrong with our nation, but until we resolve the questions of how we are "governed" - and, more importantly, the character of those that would "govern" us, questioning anything else is pointless.

So can we have a sense of priorities, please?

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