Thursday, 13 January 2011

Things to come?

Alex Singleton posts on a prediction by Nigel Farage that UKIP will win the 2014 European elections, even though that prediction was made after a pint (or maybe two, knowing the speaker).

Singleton writes:
"A UKIP victory, I told myself, is out of the question, however much of a soft spot I have the party.
Until, that is, I spoke to some Tory MPs – and not Better Off Out MPs, but run-of-the-mill Tories. I had expected them to say that Farage is mad or deluded or just talking up his chances. Instead, when I relayed what Farage had said, they looked crestfallen.
The Tories didn’t think that Farage was promoting a deluded line at all, but that the UKIP threat was a genuine worry. One expressed his fear that UKIP would be extremely well funded, having secured Stuart Wheeler, who once gave £5 million to the Conservatives, as their treasurer.
This ought, of course, to make the Tory leadership toughen up its lines on Europe. But the politics of the Coalition mean that Cameron and company will remain wet on Europe and that, come 2014, many of us who were once loyal Tories will be lending our votes to Farage."
The point is that once loyal Tories should not just be lending their votes to UKIP, they should be voting for UKIP now as that party is more 'Conservative' than the supposed Conservative Party - and lets face it, the present Conservative Party is not even led by a Conservative! The sooner Conservative supporters go read some of these, the sooner they will see that their support has been misplaced and that their wishes will never be realised whilst David Cameron remains their leader.

Conservative supporters need to recall the words of Ann Rynd:
"The man who speaks to you of sacrifice, speaks of slaves and masters. And intends to be the master."


Voyager said...

UKIP needs quality candidates. Up North we have Godfrey Bloom as MEP for UKIP who seems to be an idiot. In contrast we have Andrew Brons of the BNP who seems to be intelligent and educated.

Farage is astute and persuasive but has forged a one-man band and needs to allow other poppies to grow tall

WitteringsfromWitney said...

'Godders' is a bit of a one-off and may have blotted his copy book with comments about women in kitchen, but deep down is a good bloke and a good MEP.

Accept your comments about stature of candidates which has been one of my complaints!